21 Best Things To Do In Hobart, Tasmania

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Going on a trip and want to know all the best things to do in Hobart, Tasmania? We have you covered! Below you will find our top things to do Hobart and surrounds guide to plan your ultimate trip.

Hobart is often the first city people visit when they arrive in Tasmania, and for some people, it’s the only city they visit.

As the largest city in Tasmania, there is no shortage of places to see in Hobart or places to visit. In recent years, Hobart has begun to define itself as quite a cool capital, with art galleries and trendy bars, cafes and restaurants serving quality food that the state is famous for.

View of Hobart from Mt Wellington
View of Hobart from Mt Wellington

While there are many things to see in Hobart City, like much of the state, the surrounding area offers its own stunning scenery. There are a range of attractions just a short drive away, as well as a variety of day trips. It all depends on what you want to see.

Getting to and around Hobart is easy, especially if you have a car. Even if you don’t however, there are buses and tours that can take you to the top destinations.

Below, you will find our what to do in Hobart blog with everything you need to know about the best places to visit in Hobart, Tasmania, the top attractions in Hobart, Tasmania as well as the best Hobart activities for families. There is also a handy map of the things to do around Hobart Tas.

Top 21 Best Things To Do In Hobart, Tasmania

Here are the best Hobart tourist attractions. Read through and select the ones that fit your interests and timeframe.

Mt Wellington/Kunanyi Summit

Scenic view of Hobart from Mount Wellington
Scenic view of Hobart from Mount Wellington

Address: Wellington Park

Opening Hours: Always open (unless closed due to weather). Observation shelter is open from 7am to 5:30pm/10pm daily (depending on season)

Price: Free by car, Explorer Bus is $35 return for adults, $25 for kids. Infants are free.

No trip to Hobart is complete without a visit to the top of Mt Wellington. Mt Wellington is the imposing mountain that can be seen from all around the city. With stunning views both of it and from above it, this is one of the free things to do in Tasmania Hobart you simply must do.

Getting to Mt Wellington is easy by car. It takes around 30 minutes to drive to the summit where there’s an observation shelter, lookout points and walks you can do. This is one of the Hobart attractions for families and people of all ages. However, dress warm! Mt Wellington is over 1200 metres tall and nearly always cold at the summit.

If you’re looking for free things to do in Hobart today it’s always worth checking if the summit is accessible, particularly in winter when snow or bad weather can reduce vehicle access.

If you don’t have a car you can also take the kunanyi/Mt Wellington Explorer Bus. This is a great option as the bus always has access even when passenger vehicle access is reduced.

Salamanca Market

Salamanca Market
Salamanca Market

Address: Salamanca Place, Hobart

Opening Hours: Every Saturday from 8:30am to 3pm

Entry price: Free

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Hobart this weekend then head to Salamanca Place, where Salamanca Market is held every Saturday from 8:30am to 3pm. 

Salamanca Market is a bustling street market popular with both tourists and locals. Here you’ll find an array of goods for purchase, from tacky souvenirs right up to the highest quality produce, crafts and artworks, as well as food stalls. There’s usually live music too which makes it among Hobart fun things to do.

Salamanca Market is also walking distance from the city centre, so it’s also one of the cheap things to do in Hobart without a car. If you’re visiting on a weekend, it should definitely make your list of top 10 things to do in Hobart Tasmania.

Seafood At Hobart’s Waterfront

Hobart Waterfront
Hobart Waterfront

Address: Constitution Dock, Hobart

Opening Hours: Varies

Price: Varies

If you like seafood, you’re in for a treat. Tasmania is prized for its fresh seafood, and one of the things to add to your Hobart to do list is to sample some. 

The best choices are around Hobart’s Waterfront. Here you’ll find a number of floating fish and chip shops selling their daily catch. These places are also popular with locals. You can visit for lunch or dinner (or any time in between), although this is one of the good things to do in Hobart at night.

You can also find sit-down options at Muers or nearby Fish Frenzy.

If you’re after something more formal, Drunken Admiral is a highly recommended seafood restaurant with an interior that makes a visit one of the unique things to do in Hobart!

Hobart Twilight Market

Address: 12 Franklin Wharf, Hobart

Opening Hours: Varies

Entry price: Free

If you’re looking for stuff to do in Hobart on a Friday night, a visit to the Hobart Twilight Market is a great idea. Open from 4:30pm until 9pm and with two locations, this is one of the things to do in Hobart City and in Sandy Bay by the beach. 

Both offer a range of food stalls and vans selling some of that famous Tassie food, as well as cuisine from all around the world. With live music and a vibrant vibe, this is one of the fun places to go in Hobart on a Friday night. 

Lark Distillery

Address: 4 Davey Street, Hobart

Opening Hours: Open daily from 12pm to 7pm

Price: Varies

If you like whisky, then one of the cool things to do in Hobart is visit Lark Distillery. Lark Distillery has won multiple awards over the years and are recognised as having some of the best whisky in Australia. 

You’ll find their whisky at different spots around town but their main cellar door is on Davey Street. Here you can taste a variety of whisky as well as purchase some of their rarer whiskeys. Open until 7pm, this is one of the Hobart things to do at night before heading to dinner.

Battery Point

Historic houses along Hampden Road at Battery Point
Battery Point – don’t you dare drive past a moving vehicle 😀

Address: I recommend you start at Kelly’s steps at 5 Kelly Street, Battery Point

Opening Hours: Always open but recommended to visit during the day

Price: Free

As one of the oldest suburbs in Hobart, Battery Point is a gorgeous area with tight winding streets lined with cottages and colonial buildings. One of the activities to do in Hobart we recommend is to simply walk around. 

I recommend starting your visit at Salamanca Place and walking up Kelly’s Steps, which is an old sandstone stairwell which served to link the waterfront to Battery Point (and still does). Check out the cottages in Arthur Circus and then head to Hampton Road. This is the main commercial street with boutique shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants.

Narryna Heritage Museum is also located on Hampton Road. This is one of the Hobart things to see as a fine example of one of the colonial mansions in the area.

There’s more to see around Battery Point too with St George’s Anglican Church

and a park in close proximity, making a walk one of the best things to see and do in Hobart in the afternoon. 

Hobart Convict Penitentiary

Address: 6 Brisbane Street, Hobart

Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday from 10am to 3pm

Entry price: $25 for adults, $15 for kids. Family entry is $65 family.

If you’re interested in Hobart’s convict past then one of the must do Hobart tours is of the Hobart Convict Penitentiary. This retired convict penitentiary once served as Hobart’s gaol and courthouse.

A guide will take you through the old courthouse, as well as the underground solitary confinement cells (later deemed as inhumane) and the outdoor gallows, as well as share information and stories of the convicts’ lives, gaol and Hobart’s past. This is among the most authentic historical tours among things to do in Hobart CBD.

They also hold ghost tours if you’re looking for things to do at night in Hobart. Whilst not as popular or creepy as the famous Port Arthur ghost tours, they’re still interesting in their own right.

Cascade Brewery

Cascade Brewery Hobart

Address: 140 Cascade Rd, South Hobart

Opening Hours: Open daily from 10am to 5pm

Entry Price: The brewery tour is $30 per person

Cascade Brewery is the oldest brewery in Tasmania and the oldest continually operating brewery in Australia. The old brewery building is a beautiful sandstone structure, but one of the must do things in Hobart is their brewery tours.

These tours take you through the brewery where you’ll learn about its history and the process by which different brews are made. These tours are 1.5 hours long and also include tastings so you can try some for yourself.

You can also do the Cascade Story Tour which is 45 minute long, kid friendly tour without tastings. There’s also a restaurant here and nice walks by. One of the popular Tasmania things to do Hobart offers.

Cascades Female Factory

Cascades Female Factory

Address: 16 Degraves Street, South Hobart

Opening Hours: Open daily from 9am to 4:30pm

Entry Price: $25 for adults, $10 for kids. Tours are extra.

Close to Cascade Brewery and among the 10 best things to do in Hobart is a visit to the Cascades Female Factory. Just 10 minutes drive from the CBD, this is one of the Hobart City things to do.

The Cascade Female Factory is significant as this is one of the few female convict factories in Australia (with another in Ross). Here you can learn about the lives of these convict women and see the site where they served their sentence. 

There are many interestings stories as well as moving ones too. Entry includes an audio tour, but there are other tours too by knowledgeable guides. 

Mt Nelson Signal Station

Mt Nelson Signal Station

Address: 700 Nelson Rd, Mount Nelson

Opening Hours: Open daily from 9am to 4:30pm

Price: Free

Mt Nelson Signal Station is probably second only to Mt Wellington when it comes to the best places in Hobart to take in the view. Located about a 15 minute drive away from the city centre, this signal station was built in 1811 to communicate messages to Port Arthur.

Nowadays it’s one of the places of interest in Hobart. In addition to stunning views, there’s also a cafe here serving all day breakfast, as well as walking trails nearby.

MONA With Cruise

MONA in Hobart
Outside view of MONA

Address: Ferry leaves from Brooke Street Pier. Museum is at 655 Main Rd, Berriedale.

Opening Hours: Museum is open from 10am to 5pm, Friday to Monday. Cruises operate from 9am to 4:30pm.

Cruise price: Standard tickets are $25 per person for a return trip. Posh pit tickets are $60 per person return.

Entry price: Adults are $35, kids 12 to 17 are $10, under 12 are free.

MONA has quickly become one of the most visited spots in Hobart. With its eccentric (and sometimes outrageous) style and artwork, it’s one of the most unique places you’ll visit in Hobart, and indeed the world. 

The best way to get from Hobart to MONA is by ferry. These depart from Brooke Street Pier and take 25 minutes one way, with both standard tickets and posh pit tickets available. The posh pit is excellent as it’s a separate area and includes drinks and snacks. There’s a cafe on the lower deck.

After sailing the Derwent you’ll arrive at MONA where you can enter the museum and descend to the floors below. This is a huge museum and one of the best indoor activities Hobart offers. It’s also one of the best things to do in Hobart in winter if you’re looking to escape the cold.

When it comes to artwork, there’s always something different, but much of it is eccentric and made to make you feel uncomfortable. This is worth noting if you’re looking for family activities in Hobart. While some of it is appropriate for kids, some of it isn’t. Regardless, much of it is very impressive.

I recommend you spend a few hours exploring the museum before taking the ferry back to Hobart. There’s plenty to see, and there are also bars, restaurants and a cafe.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Bonorong Park Tas kangaroos
Kangaroo area

Address: 593 Briggs Road, Brighton

Opening Hours: Open daily from 9am to 5pm

Entry price: $32 for adults, $18 for kids. Families are $93

If you’re visiting Tasmania with kids you might get a few questions about Tasmanian Devils. If that’s the case, you’ll want to add Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary to your list of things to do with kids in Hobart. This is a must do in Hobart activity if you don’t plan on seeing the Tasmanian Devil elsewhere.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is about 30 minutes drive north of Hobart. Here they care for animals including endangered species like the Tasmanian Devil. With animals from around Australia, this is a great place to visit with informative talks and demonstrations and also their wildlife hospital. 

Feeding kangaroos is just one of the fun activities in Hobart Tasmania offers here which kids are sure to enjoy.

Click here to read our full review of visiting Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.

Salmon Ponds

Salmon Ponds
Feeding fish at Salmon Ponds

Address: 70 Salmon Ponds Road, Plenty

Opening Hours: Open daily from 9am to 5pm

Entry Price: Adults are $8, kids 7 to 17 are $6, kids 3 to 6 are $3, under 3 are free. Family entry is $22.

A 45 minute drive away from Hobart is the tranquil area of Salmon Ponds. This is a wonderful place to spend some time as it’s both scenic and interesting.

Salmon Ponds is the site of the oldest trout hatchery in Australia and still serves this purpose today. You can walk inside the hatchery and see this happening. There’s also a pool of water with eels which kids can feel.

On-site is also a museum with some history on the hatchery and area, as well as a large pond with huge salmon inside it, hence its name. 

It’s possible to get food to feed the fish here which makes this one one of the excellent things for kids to do in Hobart. There’s also a restaurant with some great pancakes and picnic/BBQ facilities if you’re looking to have lunch. I highly recommend it as the setting is beautiful.

Russell Falls

Russell Falls Hobart

Address: 66 Lake Dobson Road, National Park

Opening Hours: Open daily from 9am to 4pm

Entry Price: A National Parks Pass is required. A daily pass can be purchased from ​$20.60 per person or ​$41.20 per vehicle.

One of the most iconic Tasmania Hobart things to do on our list is a visit to Russell Falls. This park is an example of Tasmania’s wild beauty and is definitely worth the 1.5 hour drive from Hobart, especially if you enjoy waterfalls.

A visit to Russell Falls starts at the visitors centre where you can purchase a national parks pass (if needed) and then start your walk. You’ll quickly arrive at Russell Falls where you can witness the marvellous power of this waterfall. You can also see it from above. 

Russell Falls also has a great variety of fungi to spot if you’re into that. 

You can then either head back (a return circuit just takes 25 minutes) or continue on for a longer walk, such as the Three Falls Circuit where you’ll also see Horseshoe Falls and Lady Barron Falls. 

On return to the visitors centre you can have a coffee or bite to eat and pick up a souvenir.

Margate Train

Margate Train Hobart

Address: 1567 Channel Hwy, Margate

Opening Hours: Open daily from 9:30am to 5pm

Price: Free

Just 20 minutes south of Hobart is Margate where you’ll find the Margate Train. This is an old steam train which has been given new life as a top local attraction, and is great if you’re looking for things to see around Hobart.

This is one of the great things to do with kids Hobart offers. They’ll love exploring the different areas of the train. Onboard there’s a lolly shop and also a very popular restaurant serving their famous pancakes.

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Tahune AirWalk

Tahune Air Walk
Tahune Air Walk. Photo credit: Atsushi Kase via cc

Address: Tahune Adventures, Arve Road, Geeveston

Opening Hours: Open daily from 10am to 4pm

Entry price: $31 for adults, $15.50 for kids

If you’re looking among day trips Hobart, Tahune AirWalk is around 1.5 hours drive from Hobart. It is one of the best day trips from Hobart by car. 

Here you can witness Tasmania’s stunning scenery from above on a 30 metre tall airbridge. The airbridge feels safe and secure even with kids. In fact, this is one of the top things to do in Hobart with kids – they will especially enjoy the swinging bridge. You’ll enjoy the forest from above.

There’s a good visitors centre here with a cafe, as well as walks you can do. There’s also a range of activities like river rafting and hang gliding. 

Hastings Caves And Thermal Pools

Hastings Caves
Hastings Caves. Photo credit: Jamieson Teo via cc

Address: 754 Hastings Caves Rd, Hastings

Opening Hours: Open daily but exact times depends on season

Entry Price: Tours are $24 for adults, $12 for kids. Families are $60. Book in advance.

Tasmania has many popular caves but few that are among the attractions Hobart offers. In fact, Hastings Cave is about a 1.5 hour drive from Hobart, but well worth seeing especially if you’re after group activities Hobart offers outside the city.

You can visit this 40 million year old ancient cave system with a 45 minute tour. Start at Hastings Cave Visitors Centre where you’ll meet a guide who will take you through the cave system. You’ll see Australia’s largest dolomite cave that’s open to visitors, Newdegate Cave. 

This cave is home to many unique species and structures. Note that it is accessible by stairs and the light level is low.

From the visitors centre, you can also take a dip in the naturally hearted Thermal Springs pool. This is complimentary for guests who do a tour. Whilst it’s not super hot, it’s still warm and relaxing. There’s picnic facilities here too.

Bruny Island Day Trip

The Neck Bruny Island things to do
The Neck – I’ve never seen anything like it

Address: Ferry Road, Kettering

Opening Hours: Ferry operates from around 6am/7am to around 7pm daily

Ferry price: A standard sized vehicle is $46 return

Among the most popular day trips and things to do in and around Hobart is a trip to Bruny Island. This rugged island sits off the east coast of the state and actually has quite a variety of its own interesting attractions.

To visit you’ll need to drive to Kettering which is about 30 minutes away from Hobart. From here you can catch the car ferry over to Bruny Island. You pay per vehicle and the fee depends on the size of your car. There is more information on how to do this here.

The Neck, Bruny Island
The Neck, Bruny Island

Once you arrive, head to the Neck for stunning views over the split of the north and south island. Some of the family things to do in Hobart on Bruny Island include a visit to Cape Bruny Lighthouse, Inala Nature Museum and Jurassic Gardens and the Bruny Island Quarantine Station (which was ahead of its time!).

Bruny Island is also respected for its great produce in its own right. One of the Bruny Island Hobart best things to do is to sample this at the Bruny Island Cheese and Chocolate companies.

There’s plenty of ways to spend your day here which makes it among the Hobart top things to do when it comes to day trips.

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Coal River Valley Winery

Best Richmond Accommodation Tasmania

Address: 634 Richmond Rd, Cambridge

Opening Hours: Open from Friday to Monday from 11am to 4pm

Price: Entry is free, just pay for your food and wine

If you want to sample that fine Tasmanian wine and produce, a Coal River Valley winery is a great place to go. This is one of the things to do in Hobart on Sunday but you’ll want to book ahead. It can get quite popular. 

Not only is the food and wine great here, but they are also positioned on a beautiful block with a great outlook. This is also one of the things to do near Hobart airport before heading away. Pro tip – the Pinot Noir is top notch!

Day Trip To Richmond With Amaze, Richmond Gaol And Old Hobart Town Model Village

Richmond Gaol Hobart

Address: Richmond, Tasmania

Opening Hours: Varies

Entry price: Varies

If you’re looking for a day trip or even just a half day trip close to Hobart, Richmond is a fantastic choice. So many of Hobart top attractions are found in this quaint little village.

Start your visit at the Richmond Bridge which is among the oldest in Australia, and then head to Amaze, open from Thursday to Monday from 8:30am to 4:30pm, where you work your way through a 2 metre tall hedge maze. There’s also a wooden maze.

Old Hobart Town Model Village

Another spot among top Hobart Tasmania attractions is Richmond Gaol. This is actually the oldest standing gaol in Australia (older than Port Arthur). It’s small but interesting with cells you can enter and stories to hear. It’s open daily from 9am to 5pm. Read our full review here.

Also worth adding to your list of things to do in Hobart for kids in Richmond is the Old Hobart Town Model Village, open from 9am to 5pm daily. This is a large model of how Hobart looked in the 1820’s and you can walk around it, reading stories and spot the funny characters. It’s intriguing to see how much the city has changed. Read our full review here.

Richmond has a great bakery and old style lolly shop too which is an institution in Tasmania and worth adding to your list of things to do and see in Hobart!

Port Arthur Day Trip

Port Arthur Historic Site
Port Arthur Historic Site

Address: Port Arthur Historic Site, Arthur Highway, Port Arthur

Opening Hours: Open daily from 9am to 5pm

Entry price: $42 for adults, $22 for kids

If you’ve got limited time in Hobart and want to do a day trip, one you should seriously consider is Port Arthur. This is one of the most popular places to visit near Hobart thanks to its incredibly well preserved penitentiary which dates from the earliest period of the colony.

Port Arthur Historic Site is unique among early Australian gaols as it was known for its tough treatment of convicts. 

The site is huge and there are many buildings you can enter, some in ruins, some perfectly intact, as well as homes and museums. Entry includes a guided walking tour and 20 minute harbour cruise. They also host the famously spooky and interesting Port Arthur ghost tour which is highly recommended among people who have done it!

If you’re considering a day trip Hobart to Port Arthur from Hobart I’d also suggest stopping at Eaglehawk Neck to check out some of the attractions there. Two of the most popular include the blowhole and the tessellated pavement – both natural formations and well worth seeing.

Hobart Things To Do And See Map

Best Things To Do In Hobart, Tasmania map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

Best Place To Stay In Hobart

Finding places to stay in Hobart is not hard. There’s plenty of options to suit different budgets, both in the city centre and on the outskirts of town. 

Some of our recommended options are below. I’ve included a budget and mid-range option, as well as a more luxury option. 

BEST – MACq 01 Hotel Review

MACq 01 is the top place to stay in Hobart if you’re looking for 5 star luxury. Positioned on the waterfront, it’s close to the CBD and Salamanca, as well as heaps of restaurants and bars.

Rooms are elegantly decorated to reflect the story of a Tasmanian historical character. You can choose from premium rooms and luxury suites which include a balcony and butler. 

Facilities at MACq 01 are also fantastic. There’s free valet parking, WiFi, a good fitness centre as well as other services like shoe shining and in room massage. There’s also a good restaurant and lounge with a comfy fireplace.

All in all this is a fantastic place to base yourself whilst you’re in town.

Click here to see the latest prices.

MID-RANGE – Bay Hotel Apartments Review

If you’re looking for more space we highly recommend Bay Hotel Apartments. We have stayed here before and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Located in Sandy Bay, this hotel is still within walking distance to Salamanca Place, but also the shopping strip of Sandy Bay.

Bay Hotel Apartments offer guests both studios and two bedroom self-contained apartments with full kitchen facilities, a lounge area, free WiFi and off street parking. There’s also a guest coin operated laundry.

We found the prices very reasonable and apartments are well equipped for a comfortable stay.

Click here to see the latest prices.

BUDGET – Backpackers Imperial Hotel Review

Backpackers Imperial Hotel offers some of the cheapest rates in Hobart. This hotel is located in the city centre and is within walking distance to all the best restaurants, shops and cafes in town, as well as Hobart’s waterfront and Salamanca Place.

Rooms vary from dormitory style (sleeping 3 to 8) to private rooms with access to a shared bathroom. WiFi is free as well as on street parking after 6pm. There’s also some good public areas like a lounge area with Netflix, working areas and a communal kitchen. 

This is a great choice if you plan to spend most of your time out exploring and just want the top rates in town.

Click here to see the latest prices.

Find more accommodation options in our guide to the best hotels in Hobart here.

How To Get To Hobart

Driving over the Bowen Bridge in Hobart

If you are coming from the mainland (yes us Tasmanians do say that!) then a flight is your best way to visit Hobart. You can also take the Spirit of Tasmania from Victoria but that will take you to Devonport which is a three hour drive from Hobart.

You can click here to see the latest prices.

If you arrive by air, you may want a hire car to help you get around. While you can get to many of the attractions above using public transport and tours, a car makes things easier and is essential if you want to explore the rest of the state.

You can also hire a car to get you there by clicking here.

Hobart With Kids

train park hobart

When it comes to Hobart things to do with kids, there are plenty of options. Tasmania is an easy place to travel with kids and locals are very welcoming towards families. Most of the things in our list are kid friendly attractions.

Some of the best things to do Hobart with kids and toddlers include visiting Mount Wellington, seeing the Margate Train and having pancakes inside, and going for a walk in the sky at Tahune Airwalk. 

Richmond is also great for kids with the maze and Old Hobart Town Model Village, as well as a river nearby with ducks. Many families also enjoy visiting Port Arthur and it’s definitely not too scary for kids. 

If you’re considering MONA in your list of things to do in Hobart with kids then just note that parts of it may be inappropriate, but that doesn’t stop many families from visiting daily and there’s always been kids there when we’ve visited. They also can give you a map with what areas to avoid with kids.

Final Words

We hope that you have enjoyed our list of places to visit around Hobart and that we’ve helped you plan your visit! 

For a small city, Hobart really does have a lot to offer. 

We never get bored exploring the things to do in Hobart and surrounds, so no matter when you visit or what you end up doing, I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Many of these attractions I’ve gone to many times and were favourites when I was growing up. You’ll love them too.

You can find all the best places to stay during your visit here, exactly how to get to Hobart here and read more Hobart travel guides here.

By Sharon Gourlay

Sharon grew up in Tasmania, moved away and then came back with her family twenty years later. She loves re-discovering her home state and sharing it with you here.