Lots Of Fun At Tasmazia & The Village Of Lower Crackpot: Review

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If you are looking for crazy fun during your Tasmanian adventure, don’t miss Tasmazia & the Village of Lower Crackpot.  This maze complex is not your usual maze. Not only are there eight Tasmazia maze options for you to get lost in, but a model village, model embassy area, lavender farm, cafe and more.

There isn’t just mazes to complete and villages to explore though. All of these options have been built with maximum fun in mind. There are tons of silly jokes and the whole place has a great sense of humor that kept me laughing and enjoying my whole time here.


So wondering exactly what you can find at the Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot?

Below is our full Tasmazia review with everything you need to know for your visit here.

Tasmazia & The Village Of Lower Crackpot Review

Car park at Tasmazia sheffield
Car park at Tasmazia

You can’t miss Tasmazia, it makes for quite a sight from the road with its mazes, lavender farm and model villages. There is a big car park next door and we were soon in the gift shop buying our entry tickets.

The Great Maze

Tasmazia The Great Maze entrance
Entering The Great Maze
Tasmazia jokes
At the entry of the maze – I loved all the jokes 🙂

The first place we found ourselves when we exited the gift shop was the Great Maze. This is the biggest maze and by far the best. In fact, at the time it was planted, it was the biggest in the world and it’s definitely the best one I have been in.

It’s just the right level of difficulty. It took us maybe an hour to solve (while also doing some of the smaller mazes that are within it) which was a good amount of time as Mr 4 was ready to quit. It’s definitely the most challenging I have been in.

Tasmazia The Great Maze
Inside The Great Maze

There’s plenty to do and see along the way with some of the Tasmazia village’s seven other mazes being contained within this one. There’s also a “Cubby Town” full of surprisingly cool cubbies as well as other things to see and do.

Tasmazia Part of Cubby Town
Part of Cubby Town

One of my highlights was actually all the jokes that are on signs as you go through this maze. I thought I had heard them all by now but Tasmazia has done a fabulous job of finding some crazy good ones that I’d never heard before and I was laughing out loud regularly 🙂

Tasmazia jokes
Some of the jokes along the way

Tasmazia jokes

Within the maze, we also completed a smaller wooden one and a balance maze which was Mr 4’s favourite. He liked walking on the planks to get to the end. At the end of this one was the “Crackpot Correctional Facility” with various imprisonment and death devices.

Tasmazia Balance Maze
The Balance Maze
Tasmazia Crackpot Correction Centre
Crackpot Correction Centre

There’s also an Irish Maze and a Secret Passageway. It’s well designed so we found ourselves in all those places without even trying.

There are also some other things to find, like a pot of gold.

Tasmazia mazes
Doing one of the smaller mazes along the way
Tasmazia toilet
Many things to find!
Tasmazia pot of gold
We found the gold!

The centre of the maze is the three bears cottage. It was awesome when we finally reached it!

The Village Of Lower Crackpot

Tasmazia The Village Of Lower Crackpot
The Village Of Lower Crackpot

After the main maze area, we found ourselves in the Village of Lower Crackpot. This quirky village is at 1/5 scale and has plenty of details to look at and amuse.

Yellow Brick Road Maze

Tasmazia Yellow Brick Road Maze
Yellow Brick Road Maze

We next did the Yellow Brick Road Maze which is in the far corner of the complex. It’s a good one for younger kids since its all open with buildings and other sites to see and find.

Hampton Court Maze

Tasmazia Hampton Court Maze
Hampton Court Maze

Next door to the Yellow Brick Road Maze is the Hampton Court Maze which is an exact replica of the original in London. This took us a little while as well although it wasn’t as fun as the Great Maze thanks to less things to see along the way and the hedge being a bit overgrown.

Hexagonal And Confusion Mazes

Around the Village of Lower Crackpot, there are also these two more hedge mazes. By this point, Mr 4 had had enough of mazes (and actually so had I) so we skipped these.

Embassy Gardens

Tasmazia Embassy Gardens
Embassy Gardens

Finally, we also visited Embassy Gardens which is very similar to the Village of Lower Crackpot except this time, there are many humorous embassies on display from over 40 countries as well as a few made up ones.

There’s also a cafe on site that has great pancakes. We didn’t get a chance to try them but I have heard good things from family members.

Tasmazia cafe
Tasmazia cafe

Tasmazia Entry Fees

Tasmazia maze prices
Tasmazia maze prices

At the time we visited, Tasmazia prices were $30 for adults, $14.50 for kids with 3 and under free. A family of up to 5 was $85.

These Tasmazia admission prices include entry for the day and you can leave and return.

At the time we visited, Tasmazia opening hours were 10am-4pm daily but I recommend you check before you go.

Tasmazia Map

Tasmazia map
Tasmazia map

Above is a map of the Tasmazia site and below is a map to get there.

Tasmazia & the Village of Lower Crackpot map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

Where is Tasmazia? Tasmazia Tasmania is at 500 Staverton Road, Promised Land, about 35 minutes from Devonport or 40 minutes from Cradle Mountain. You’ll need your own car to get here.

As an extra bonus, the drive here is very pretty. I really enjoyed driving around this part of Tasmania.

To drive from Tasmazia to Cradle Mountain, drive south down the C140, turning right at the end to the C136.Turn south at the C132 which will take you most the way to Cradle Mountain.

To go from Launceston to Tasmazia takes about an hour and 20 minutes. Take the main highway 1 towards Devonport turning on to the B13 before Elizabeth Town. Turn off on the C156 and drive through Sheffield (visit the murals while you are there!) then turn left onto the C141 and C140. As you get closer, there are signs.

Final Words

Exploring Tasmazia from the Yellow Brick Road Maze
Exploring Tasmazia from the Yellow Brick Road Maze

Tasmazia is tons of fun from its name to the mazes to the model villages to the fun jokes seemingly everywhere. I’m not sure it would be possible to spend time here and not have a giant smile on your face!

I visited with my four year old and this is a great attraction for kids. However, it’s also great for adults and this isn’t just a family attraction. In fact, my mum and brother went a couple of weeks after us and also had a great time.

I recommend at least a couple of hours at this attraction. Longer if you want to explore everything and eat the pancakes.

I hope you found this Tasmazia review useful, and you can add this attraction to your own Tasmanian adventures.

You can find more information about Tasmazia on their website here.

When we visited Tasmazia, we also visited the Sheffield murals and Marakoopa Cave in the same day which is easily done and highly recommended. Wings Wildlife Park is also nearby. You can find a range of accommodation in Sheffield here which is close by. Find more fun things to do in this region of Tasmania here.

By Sharon Gourlay

Sharon grew up in Tasmania, moved away and then came back with her family twenty years later. She loves re-discovering her home state and sharing it with you here.