Spray Tunnel Zeehan: Glow Worms And More

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Like quirky attractions and getting out there and exploring Tasmania? Then the Zeehan Spray Tunnel may be exactly what you are looking for!

The Spray Tunnel is a 100 metre long abandoned railway tunnel that was part of silver mining operations in the area at the start of last century. It’s possible to walk through the tunnel along a boardwalk to spy on glow worms and the remains of the Spray Silver Mine.

Zeehan Spray Tunnel boards
The start of the path and road to the Spray Tunnel at the back of the golf course

When I first read about the Spray Tunnel, I knew it was somewhere I wanted to go because it was something quite different. I have never been in an abandoned railway tunnel before and who doesn’t love glow worms?!

So we put it in our itinerary and off we set. So was it a success? Is it worth visiting Spray Tunnel? And could we even find it?

Below, I share the answer to all of this in our full review of the Zeehan Spray Tunnel so you can decide if you want to visit this fun and interesting attraction.

Spray Tunnel Zeehan Review

Spray Tunnel Zeehan
Information board near the Spray Tunnel

On arrival at the site, the first thing we saw was an area to park, a grassy area and an information board. When we made our way to the information board, we saw the path into the tunnel itself.

The board gave an introduction to the Spray Tunnel. It was created so that iron ore could be moved from the old mine. It has a shape like a keyhole and is about 3 metres tall and 2.2 metres wide.

Zeehan Spray Tunnel inside
Path into the Tunnel

We walked the few steps into the tunnel and started walking through. It’s only 100 metres and we found the little bits of light from each end were enough to not need a torch.

There are plenty of glow worms – I would see their glowing spots whenever I looked up.

Zeehan Spray Tunnel inside
Inside the Spray Tunnel

I didn’t use a torch or flash but my iPhone lightened up the photos when I took them in its own way.

Zeehan Spray Tunnel inside
Inside the Spray Tunnel


Spray Tunnel Zeehan glow worms
The dots are glow worms!

I had read this is a great opportunity to see Tasmanian cave spiders. Not being a spider fan, I tried not to think about this as I walked through! I had seen them the month before at Marakooopa Cave.

We didn’t see any but we didn’t use a torch which is necessary to see much inside.

Spray Tunnel Zeehan
The path back into the tunnel back to the car

I had read that once we walked through the tunnel that we’d see relics of abandoned boilers and buildings, but we didn’t see this. It’s possible it’s somewhere in the area but I’m not sure where (if you are reading this and you know – please share in the comments!).

The tunnel walk is a short, but sweet experience and we were soon back in the car driving onwards.

Zeehan Spray Tunnel Location

Spray Tunnel Zeehan map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

If you are wondering how to get to the Zeehan Spray Tunnel – full instructions are coming up!

I nearly didn’t come to the Spray Tunnel as I was worried about how we would get there. The reviews I read talked about walking from the golf course on a six kilometre return path which was going to be tricky with the kids.

Luckily, I came across a mention of a road there as well although it talked about it being in bad condition and only one lane but we decided to risk it.

Spray Tunnel Zeehan
The road on the way to the Spray Tunnel

We are glad we took the road. It is gravel but in reasonable condition and it was easy enough to drive it. It is only one lane and, while there are spaces where you could pull over if someone came the other way, it would be annoying if you did come across someone driving the opposite way as there aren’t many of these spots.

We barely came across another tourist in Zeehan though round Christmas time so I think you may be unlucky if you did come across another car.

Zeehan Spray Tunnel
The road back into Zeehan from the Spray Tunnel

The walk does look nice and I would definitely do this if you can.

The walk and the road start from behind the golf course. To find this road, keep driving along the main road in Zeehan until you are basically leaving the town. It is signposted with “Spray Tunnel” so you can’t miss it (first photo above). There are some spots here where you can park.

Spray Tunnel Zeehan pedestrian path
The pedestrian walk to the Spray Tunnel


Sign about the path to the Spray Tunnel
Sign about the path to the Spray Tunnel

There is plenty of parking once you get to the Spray Tunnel too.

Note that Google maps showed us a road that was the pedestrian only path. Follow the signs once you are there for the correct road and don’t use Google.

Final Words

If you find yourself in Zeehan, I recommend you visit the Spray Tunnel. While it’s not the most exciting place I have been, it is a different attraction in a pretty area especially if you do the hike in as well. It’s easy to spot the glow worms and you’re sure to enjoy it!

I hope you enjoyed this guide to visiting the Spray Tunnel in Zeehan. For more things to do in Zeehan and where to stay, read our full guide here. You can also find all our western Tasmanian guides here.

By Sharon Gourlay

Sharon grew up in Tasmania, moved away and then came back with her family twenty years later. She loves re-discovering her home state and sharing it with you here.