Seahorse World: Everything You Need To Know

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Ever been captivated by a seahorse? Want to learn more about them? Love learning about nature in a relaxed environment?

Then a visit to Seahorse World in Tasmania could be the perfect stop for you!

Seahorse World Tasmania Beauty Point
Seahorse World

Seahorse World is located at the top of Tasmania in Beauty Point, about a 45 minute drive from Launceston. It’s a commercial seahorse farm that has also been set up for tourists and a Seahorse World guided tour is both interesting and fun.

Below, I share my full Seahorse World review and describe exactly what you can expect from a visit here. We visited with our three kids aged 4-10.

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Seahorse World Review

Seahorse World

Visits to Seahorse World Beauty Point are by guided tour. These depart at least hourly depending on the time of year. We booked ahead which we were glad about because they told us they were fully booked for the day when we visited in October school holidays.

While you are waiting for your tour to start, there is a gift shop and a video about seahorses playing with seats.

Seahorse World tour
The first room – many seahorses to look at

The tour itself took about 40 minutes through their facilities. We visited a few different rooms and had time to look while also hearing an explanation and having the chance to ask any questions in each room.

It started with a range of seahorses on display. We particularly liked seeing and learning about the chameleon seahorses. We loved seeing baby seahorses too. They are so tiny! We didn’t realise tinier were to come in the nursery though 🙂

Seahorse World Breeding tanks
Breeding tanks

Next up was the breeding tanks. It was funny seeing the males with their puffed out chests which is the way they attract females. I was also happy to hear that male seahorses are the ones that grow the baby seahorses in their belly and it was interesting hearing about their mating dance. There is far more to seahorses than I imagined.

Seahorse World nursery
The nursery – baby seahorses are the best!

After this, we visited the nursery which had different tanks for different aged seahorses up to six months. The tiny ones are extra cool to see!

Then there were “primary school” and “high school” tanks as the seahorses aged. At this point, they are sold to pet stores and collectors around the world or put into the breeding tanks.

Seahorse World Primary and high school tanks
Primary and high school tanks

All this area is the farm itself. We also watched the seahorses eating.

The final two rooms had some other types of seahorses as well as some other marine animals including some endangered fish species they were helping to breed in a program to save them.

Seahorse World other seaklife
Checking out other sea life

Here, we were able to hold a seahorse, starfish and hermit crab shell which the kids loved (and so did I admittedly).

Seahorse World Holding hermit crabs
Holding hermit crabs

To say we saw a lot of seahorses is an understatement. But it never got boring, the tour was a good pace and we learned everything we could possibly want to know about seahorses.

Upstairs is The Cormorant Café on the Pier where you can have something to eat before or after your tour with fabulous views.

Seahorse World inside a nursery tank
One of the nursery tanks

Seahorse World Prices And Tickets

The Seahorse World cost was $23.50 for adults, $10 for kids and $58 for families when we visited. This includes the tour as described here.

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Seahorse World Tasmania Location

Seahorse World Tasmania Location map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

Beauty Point, Tasmania, Seahorse World is at 200 Flinders Street about 45 minutes from the centre of Launceston.

It is located on a pier and once you are close to the pier, you can’t miss it! It’s in a big building clearly signed. There is parking by the building on the pier or on the land side of the pier.

Seahorse World baby seahorses
Baby seahorses

If you want to visit both Seahorse World and Platypus House, it is very easy as they are next to each other on the same pier.

Final Words

Seahorse World Launceston baby seahorses
One of the highlights – 2 week old seahorses up close

We had a great time at Seahorse World Tas. There is a lot to see and learn and the guided tour was interesting and a good pace.

I learned a lot of interesting facts and enjoyed seeing the seahorses, especially the baby ones. The kids had a great time and say that all kids should visit here 🙂

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I recommend you also consider visiting Platypus House which is right next door. Read our full review here. Find more fun things to do in the Tamar Valley here and our full guide of things to do in Launceston and surrounds here.

By Shan Hutchinson

Shan grew up in Tasmania, moved away and then came back with her family twenty years later. She loves re-discovering her home state and sharing it with you here.