Pyengana Tasmania: Things to Do, Stay, Eat And More

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A short drive from St Helens, the small town of Pyengana (pie-en-gah-na) is an interesting stopover with some great attractions.

A tiny town, Pyengana has a population of just over 100 people. Driving through, I haven’t noticed any sort of central part of the town and barely any houses. So from the perspective, Pyengana is not remarkable.

However, it is very pretty with bright green fields and surrounding bushy hills.

Pyengana Tasmania

While the area started out being home to tin mining, in the 1890s European arrivals brought in dairy cattle after noticing the high annual rainfall. The cows thrived and while transporting milk from this area was not practical at the time, transporting cheese and butter was. This lead to the cheese industry which still exists today at Pyengana Dairy where you can taste and buy award winning cheeses.

Pyengana is also home to one of Tasmania’s oldest pubs, the Pub in the Paddock. Licensed since 1880, people have been quenching their thirst here for a long time. It’s also well known for its beer drinking pig.

You also shouldn’t drive past Pyengana without enjoying the natural beauty of its surroundings – the best way to do this is with the short walk to the 90-metre St Columba Falls.

Below, you will find our full guide to Pyengana including full details about these attractions, a map and information about staying and getting here.

Pyengana Tasmania Map

Pyengana Tasmania Map
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Pyengana Tas is located about 26 kilometres west of St Helens. If you are taking the A3 between Launceston and the east coast, Pyengana is only just off this highway. It is signposted.

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Things To Do In Pyengana

Pyengana is a pretty place with rolling hills, farms and has been very green every time I’ve visited. There aren’t a ton of things to do in Pyengana – there aren’t even many houses! But what there is to do is high quality and well worth a visit.

Pyengana Dairy

Pyengana Dairy
Entry to Pyengana Dairy

Pyengana Dairy company is the place to head to try the famous Pyengana cheese Tasmania. At the home of Pyengana Dairy Tasmania, you can try out the cheeses (I particularly recommend the Pyengana cheddar), buy them and enjoy a cheese platter with a coffee while you relax at their cafe taking in the views from their deck. There is plenty of seating space as well as a kids’ play area.

When they are making the cheese, you can also watch this happening through one of two viewing windows. There’s also the chance to join a tour about how their cheese is crafted.

Pyengana Dairy cheese making
Cheese making at Pyengana Dairy
Pyengana Dairy outdoor area
Outdoor area at Pyengana Dairy

This place has been making cheese for over 130 years and they know their stuff. This is the perfect place to pick up some cheesy gifts which come in cooler bags to keep it fresh.

Address: St Columba Falls Rd, Pyengana TAS 7216

Pub In The Paddock

Pub in the Paddock Pyengana
Pub in the Paddock

The Pyengana Pub In The Paddock is not only a cute, traditional pub in a (you guessed it) paddock, but also home to an iconic pig, Priscilla II, that you can feed beer!

First licensed in 1880 and originally operating as the Columba Falls Hotel, at one point it also had a dance hall and a picture theatre.

Today, it’s more famous for its pig that drinks a special pig beer that you can buy at the bar and give to her. There is also a second pig, Peppa, who you can meet. It’s quite a novelty and this scenic pub is well and truly on the tourist trail with a steady stream of diners. However, this doesn’t distract from the traditional feel of the place and it’s well worth a visit.

Pub in the Paddock beer drinking pig priscilla Pyengana
The famous beer drinking pig at Pub in the Paddock

This Pyengana pub serves a good meal and we enjoyed having lunch here, feeding the pig a beer and hanging out with the dog.

Address: Pub In The Paddock Pyengana Tasmania is at 250 St Columba Falls Road. It’s on the way to the Falls.

St Columba Falls

St Columba Falls Pyengana
Entry point to the St Columba Falls walk

These Pyengana falls are claimed to be the highest in Tasmania at 90 metres tall and they make for quite a sight! It has a 4,200 hectare mountainous catchment area and at times of great rainfall, the St Columba Falls become huge.

However, at any time, they make for quite a sight (and sound!).

The falls are reached from Pyengana via a sealed road. It’s then about a 7 minute walk down to the falls on a good (but can be slippery) path.

From the time you get out of your car to start the walk, you can hear the thundery falls. You can also see them through the trees from the entry point.

St Columba Falls Pyengana
St Columba Falls

It’s an easy enough walk and our 4 year old was able to do it. You walk through man ferns, sassafras and myrtle rainforest trees.

The viewing platform at the base of the falls is amazing as you look up at the falling water. It is well worth the stop.

Pyengana Tasmania Accommodation

The only accommodation option in Pyengana itself is some rooms with shared facilities at the Pub in the Paddock. However, there are plenty of options in nearby St Helens which is only about 25 minutes away.

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Pyengana Tasmania

Getting To Pyengana

Pyengana is easy to reach because it’s just a kilometre off the A3 highway that runs between Launceston and St Helens. Turn on to the C428 – the turn off is well signposted. You will need your own car to reach Pyengana.

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Pyengana To Launceston

Getting from Pyengana to Launceston (or vice versa) is easy in your own car. It’s about 136 kilometres and takes just over two hours.

Simply take the C428 back to the A3 and then turn left. Follow this all the way to Launceston.

We hope you’ve found this guide to Pyengana useful. You can find our guide to nearby St Helens here or more things to do while you are in north east Tasmania here. You can find all our guides to the east coast of Tasmania here.

By Shan Hutchinson

Shan grew up in Tasmania, moved away and then came back with her family twenty years later. She loves re-discovering her home state and sharing it with you here.