Miena, Tasmania: Everything You Need To Know

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Miena Tasmania (pronounced “my-enna”) can definitely feel like the middle of nowhere.

Located by Tasmania’s Central Highlands’ Great Lake, it’s only relatively recently that the A5 main highway that runs through Miena was fully sealed. Despite being by this main highway that is a valid alternative to the Midlands Highway when travelling from Hobart to the North West coast or Cradle Mountain, it is often ignored by tourists.

In fact, despite spending my first 21 years in Tasmania and visiting basically everywhere, I had never been to Miena before returning to live in Tasmania twenty years later.

Miena Tasmania
Miena Tasmania

It’s a beautiful and different spot in Tasmania and at least driving through here is worth fitting into your itinerary if you can and you’re here during the warmer months. In winter, ice and snow can be a problem on the roads so make sure you check road conditions first (more about this coming up).

Below, you will find lots of information about Miena including a map, how to get here, the weather, accommodation and the top things to do in Miena while you are here!

An Introduction To Miena Tas

Located on Great Lake, Australia’s highest lake and second-largest freshwater lake, Miena is best known for being a premier destination for fly fishers and for its hydroelectricity. It’s the main town in the Tasmania Lakes District despite having a permanent population of just 87.

Miena is mostly home to shacks (Tasmanian holiday homes) but there are some accommodation and attraction options around town.

A5 Highway in the snow
A5 Highway in the snow

At an altitude of 1,052 metres, Miena can be COLD and it can snow at any time of year. It’s mostly popular in the warmer months, but the local pub does have a log fire perfect for a cosy lunch and drink in the colder months.

Miena is an Aboriginal name which translates to “lagoon-like”. The name was first given by the Hydro-Electric Commission.

This area has a long history of Aboriginal presence. The first white settler to explore here was John Beaumont in 1817. His grave and memorial are just a short walk from the Miena Dam Lookout.

During most of the 1800s, this area was home to Aborigines, shepherds and bush rangers until hunters came from the 1890s to 1960s for animal skins and trout were introduced to the lakes in the 1890s bringing many more visitors.

The Great Lakes Post Office opened in 1897, although it has been opened and closed several times.

The first hydro dam was built here in 1911. By 1922, a multi-arch dam was built at Miena to increase the storage at Great Lake and the power station was expanded.

Where Is Miena Tasmania?

A5 highway towards Great Lake
A5 highway towards Great Lake

Miena is located on the A5 highway in a spot very close to the centre of the state. It’s on the southwest corner of Great Lake.

The A5 highway branches off the main 1 Midlands Highway at Melton Mowbray and runs through Bothwell and the Lakes region until it hits Miena. In the opposite direction, the A5 highway starts at Deloraine where you can connect back to the 1 highway about midway between Launceston and Devonport. This makes it easy to get here from any of the major population centres in Tasmania.

The road conditions can change suddenly so be prepared, and I recommend you check for any alerts before travelling here, especially outside of summer. The road reaches an altitude of 1,212 metres and can be icy and snowy.

Even in summer, the first time we travelled through here, we were hit by dense fog and could not see anything on a high stretch of road just north of Liawenee so do be careful and don’t expect to be able to drive fast through this region.

Some sites where you can check for any problems:

While I do think you should be careful about road conditions before travelling, don’t overly worry. Most of the time, the roads are fine.

Miena Tasmania Map

Here is Miena map showing everything listed in this article.

Miena Tasmania map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to the location discussed in this article.

Accommodation Miena Tasmania

Miena is a tiny town so there isn’t a huge range of accommodation. However, what is there is comfortable and atmospheric. Find more information about your Miena accommodation options below.

Great Lake Hotel

Great Lake Hotel Miena
Great Lake Hotel

Located close to the lake, this is your best accommodation option in Miena. It’s recently been updated as part of a new Miena Village complete with shop and pub and it’s a great place to base yourself in Miena.

The Great Lake Hotel has won many prices in 2022 including for hotel/pub tavern of the year, best pub-style accommodation and best redeveloped hotel accommodation from the Tasmanian Hospitality Association Excellence Awards.

Accommodation at Great Lake Hotel
Accommodation at Great Lake Hotel

Having a restaurant and shop right here make it an ultra easy place to be. There is also a range of accommodation options from king and family rooms with kitchenettes to fishing cabins for lower budgets. All rooms come with continental breakfast and tea and coffee facilities.

Click here for more information.

Central Highlands Lodge

Central Highlands Lodge Miena
Central Highlands Lodge

The Central Highlands Lodge is your other choice of accommodation in Miena. It’s also in a good spot and has a bar and restaurant on site.

There are a range of room types here from doubles to families to a private spa cabin and penthouse suite. All are comfortable and have heating and tea and coffee making facilities. Some rooms also have a kitchenette, views or a spa.

Click here for more information.

You can also stay at the Thousands Lake Lodge which is close by. Click here for more information and prices.

Note that there is no Miena caravan park.

Things To Do In Miena

You can find the following Miena attractions around town.

Eat At Great Lake Hotel

Restaurant at Great Lake Hotel Miena
Restaurant at Great Lake Hotel

If you are just driving through, at least stop at the Great Lake Hotel for some great lunch or dinner.

We have had some great meals here, and it’s won some big awards like mentioned above.

It’s best to book ahead if you are going over the summer or in school holidays.


Trout fishing
Trout fishing

The Great Lake itself and other lakes and lagoons around here are fantastic for fly fishing and, in fact, have been part of the World Fly Fishing Championships multiple times.

You can do fishing tours and hire boats with Miena Village. Find more information here.

There are boat ramps at Tods Corner and Swan Bay in the middle of Miena.


Pine Lake walk
Pine Lake walk close to Miena

The unique landscapes in this region of Tasmania make it a great place to go hiking.

There are some short walks nearby or you can take on a real challenge and walk from Miena to Ouse or from Miena to Bracknell.

An easy option is to walk round Thiessen Crescent in Mienna.

If you are driving through this region, a great little short hike is at Pine Lake. It’s just 800 metres return to the alpine lake mostly on a raised boardwalk.

It’s a great little walk with many surprising changes in landscape for such a short walk and beautiful lake views at the end. There are information boards. Our whole family loved this walk. Click here for more information.

Miena Dam Lookout

Miena Dam Lookout
Miena Dam Lookout

A great place to stop on your way through town is this lookout point by the dam.

There are information boards, great views and it’s close to the Beaumont memorial.

The Beaumont Memorial is just a nice 250 metres walk away and is in a lovely spot.

Beaumont Memorial Miena
Beaumont Memorial Miena

Waddamana Heritage Site 

Waddamana Heritage Site 
Waddamana Heritage Site 

You can learn more about the history of hydropower in Tasmania at the Waddamana Heritage Site about 30 minutes drive from Miena.

Located in the old Waddamana Power Station, this was the site of Tasmania’s first power station. Development started here in 1910 and it was made difficult by the remote location. However, it was completed in 1916.

The station grew over time and parts of it continued to operate until 1995.

Today, it’s part of the Tasmanian Heritage Register thanks to the role it played in shaping Tasmania and it’s open to visitors.

Inside the Waddamana Heritage Site 
Inside the Waddamana Heritage Site 

You can come here to learn all about hydropower in Tasmania while seeing the turbine hall, original machinery, historical photographs and more which don’t just tell the story of hydropower but what life was like for the small community that lived here.

This place is surprisingly awesome for a historical museum somewhat in the middle of nowhere. It’s in great condition with plenty of information and friendly staff. The unsealed road to get here was in good condition when we visitied here, and I recommend you come here if you can.

Find more information here.

Miena Weather

The weather Miena Tasmania experiences can be very cold – even in summer! And there can be snow any time of year. So definitely take warm clothing no matter what the season.

In fact, Miena is one of the coldest non-alpine spots in Australia and has a subpolar oceanic climate and has an average of 51.5 snowy days a year.

If you are looking for the Miena weather forecast, look here.

We hope you make it to Miena and enjoy the scenery of this unique part of Tasmania. You can read more about travelling around the Central Highlands part of Tasmania and things to do in the region here or read about neighbouring Liawenee here.

By Shan Hutchinson

Shan grew up in Tasmania, moved away and then came back with her family twenty years later. She loves re-discovering her home state and sharing it with you here.