Tasmania’s Midlands: Things To Do And Accommodation For Road Trippers

While it’s easy to rush through the Midlands on your rush between southern and northern Tasmania, don’t! This region has many surprises in store with some gorgeous historic towns just waiting for you to explore them.

Ingleside Bakery Evandale
Ingleside Bakery in gorgeous Evandale

The Midlands is close to everything and a visit is easy. Whether you’re looking for stops on your journey between Hobart and Launceston or want to spend an extended time in this region, we have you covered.

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Top Tasmania Midlands Towns To Visit

There are some great places to visit in the Midlands. Here are full guides to the top towns located here.

Things To Do In The Midlands

There are some great places to stop along the way. Find our guides to top attractions below. It’s also worth checking out the road trip itinerary below for more attractions to visit in this region as well.

Midlands Accommodation

There are some great accommodation choices in the Midlands. Find our guides below.

Midlands Road Trip Itinerary

Below, find our guide to all the best places to stop in the Midlands on your journey between Hobart and Launceston.

We hope you love exploring the Tasmania Midlands as much as we do. Find more places to discover and explore in Tasmania here.