Longford Riverside Caravan Park Review: Relaxing Times At Longford Caravan Park

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My Mr 4 has been asking for quite awhile if we can stay in a caravan.

While staying in caravans in caravan parks was a normal part of life in my childhood, finding caravans in caravan parks to stay now is quite difficult (assuming you aren’t towing your own anyway). I had to do a fair bit of research to find one for him.

Thankfully, my research lead me to Longford Riverside Caravan Park.

Longford Riverside Caravan Park
Reception at Longford Riverside Caravan Park

At the time of booking, I didn’t know much about Longford at all, apart from the fact we could stay in a caravan. After some quick searching, it seemed like a great place to base ourselves with many great attractions nearby. We booked a caravan and looked forward to our trip.

So was it any good?

If you are looking for the best Longford accommodation or simply somewhere to stay in a caravan like us, you will love what we have for you here. Below, you will find our full Longford Riverside Caravan Park review including what the caravans are like, what other accommodation options exist, what facilities are available and where you can find this Longford Tasmania Caravan Park.

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Note: I first wrote this review in November 2020 when I stayed here with my 4 year old. I then updated it in April 2022 when I returned with my three kids aged 5, 10 and 11. Both times I had very positive experiences. There are photos from both experiences, and the inside of the caravan was updated with the latest option in 2022.

Longford Riverside Caravan Park Review

Longford Riverside Caravan Park
The view from our caravan

The first thing we noticed on arrival at the park is the Macquarie River that runs alongside. The name of the Longford caravan park is not wrong – it is riverside. It’s a relaxing location for sure.

I stayed at the Longford Caravan Park with my four year old.

Accommodation Options

Longford Riverside Caravan Park
Some of the caravans

This is a peaceful and low key Longford accommodation option and the name “caravan park” is apt as there is basically only caravans and sites on offer. The only exception is two studio rooms that come with a bunk or queen bed, toilet, basin and TV. You can use the shared kitchens and showers on site. These are great for people looking for a cheap weekly rate.

There are a few different caravans to choose from. One is a budget option with no bathroom within the van. The rest are newer with their own ensuites. These are definitely not the musty old caravans I remember from my childhood. One caravan has two bedroom areas suitable for up to 4 people. The others are doubles,

Longford Riverside Caravan Park
Part of Longford Riverside Caravan Park

There are also 78 powered sites with sullage and water and 50 unpowered with some right on the riverbank.

After checking in, I learned why they have caravans here when they seem so rare these days. Since the park is located on a flood plain, they aren’t allowed to have cabins. If a flood is forecast, however, they can easily move the caravans until it’s no longer a problem.

Caravan – Deluxe Family Option

Longford Riverside Caravan Park
Our Carrera caravan from our first visit – although the outside looks the same for the new vans

Our caravan was awesome – things have come a long way since I last stayed in a caravan when I was a kid.

The first thing I noticed was the small, undercover area next to the van where there was a table and four chairs. This has great views to the river. Inside the van, there were two bedroom areas and a dining/lounge/kitchen area in the middle as well as a surprisingly spacious bathroom.

Longford Riverside Caravan Park Carrera outside area
Our outside area

A queen bed with electric blanket is at one end with cupboard space and a TV on an arm so you can it from basically everywhere in the van. There were river views from the window here.

The lounge/dining/kitchen area had a comfy couch with a table that moved around. The kitchen area had everything we could need – a great size fridge and freezer, stove, grill, microwave, toaster, kettle and was fully equipped. The whole thing is crazy spacious for a caravan.

Longford Riverside Caravan Park main bedroom
Main bedroom with queen bed
Longford Riverside Caravan Park inside the caravan living area
Inside the living area/kitchen and main bedroom – the fridge and freezer are the white doors on the right

Tea, coffee, sugar and milk are provided on arrival.

There is a heater/air conditioner on the ceiling which kept us plenty warm over the 2 degree night.

The second bedroom is next to this and has two sets of bunks – one on each side – with drawers underneath. However, they only take bookings for families of four and ask you not to sleep on the top bunk.

If you do have more than two people, there is an extra cost for linen for these beds. Nothing crazy. This linen is not pictured here and you need to make these beds yourself.

Longford Riverside Caravan Park bunk room
The bunk room leading into the bathroom

Finally, at the end, is the bathroom. It has a toilet, vanity and a shower. It blew me away how spacious it is.

Longford Riverside Caravan Park caravan bathroom
The surprisingly spacious bathroom

Being in a caravan means there is limited hot water – only a five minute shower before it will run out and then take about 15 minutes to recover. You also shouldn’t use many electrical appliances at once.

You can use the shower block if you need more showers faster which costs 20 cents.

While I was very happy with the caravan we had back in 2020, the new one is just amazing. I had no idea caravans could be so spacious. I barely used the wide zoom on my camera on the photos above.

There was plenty of space for the four of us with a wide walkway through the caravan and plenty of space to chill. My one complaint from 2020, that there was nowhere to hang my dresses, is no longer a problem with cupboard hanging space and other places I could put my clothes as well.

Longford Riverside Caravan Park caravan through the van
Looking from the bunk room down through the living area/kitchen to the main bed.

Overall, I was very happy with our van and the kids thought it was amazing! A huge hit all around.

Longford Caravan Park Facilities

The Longford Riverside Caravan Park is more about relaxation and exploring the surrounds than many facilities. There is an amenities block with showers and toilets. At the time we visited, showers cost 20 cents for 3.5 minutes.

Washing machines, dryers and irons are also available.

Longford Riverside Caravan Park Amenities block
Amenities block
Longford Riverside Caravan Park Amenities block
Amenities block

100MB of wifi is included and it’s cheap to purchase extra. I got 5 GB for only $4.

There are some great grassy areas in the park by the river and I’ve heard you may be able to catch some trout (which will require a fishing license). While there is no playground, there is a skate park next door to the caravan park and a playground a few minutes walk away that you’ll drive past on the way in.

There are a couple of BBQ areas and some picnic tables throughout the park.

Everything at the park is well looked after and presents well. It’s a pretty spot.

Longford Riverside Caravan Park Camp kitchen
Camp kitchen
Longford Riverside Caravan Park Camp kitchen
Camp kitchen


There are no dining options on site but you can prepare your own meals or use the BBQs.

The caravan park is a short walk to a few dining options like the Country Club Hotel, Queen’s Arms Hotel and JJ’s Bakery Cafe.

Longford Caravan Park Tasmania Location

Longford Caravan Park Tasmania map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

Longford Riverside Caravan Park, Longford, Tas is just off the main A1 highway between Hobart and Launceston so it is very easy to get to. It is only about a 20 minute drive from Launceston or 10 minutes to Launceston airport so it’s also an alternative to staying in Launceston to explore this region.

It’s walking distance to shops, restaurants and facilities in Longford.

Final Words

Longford Riverside Caravan Park
Longford Riverside Caravan Park

If you’re looking for a central spot to stay and would love the novelty of staying in a caravan then Longford Riverside Caravan Park is the perfect choice. It’s a pretty, relaxing spot with modern caravans, and we enjoyed our stay here.

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By Sharon Gourlay

Sharon grew up in Tasmania, moved away and then came back with her family twenty years later. She loves re-discovering her home state and sharing it with you here.