Hollybank Wilderness Adventures: Everything You Need To Know

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If you’re looking for something fun, different and great for the whole family, definitely head to Hollybank Wilderness Adventures.

Located a short drive from Launceston, the previously named Hollybank Treetop Adventures has a few different activities within Hollybank Forest Reserve perfect for people who love being out in nature and love adventure activities.

Hollybank Wilderness Adventures

With a “tree ropes” obstacle course, zip line tours, segway tours and mountain biking, you can take your pick with varying activity levels and prices. We recently visited Hollybank Tasmania with our kids aged 4, 8 and 10 and found a well run centre that is a ton of fun.

Below is our full Hollybank Wilderness Adventures reviews with everything you need to know for your visit here.

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Hollybank Wilderness Adventures Review

Hollybank Wilderness Adventures check in area
Check in area

On arrival at Hollybank, we entered the main building next to the car park. We were quickly checked in after filling in a couple of forms. We had booked in advanced (recommended) then we waited to be fitted in our harnesses so we could start our experience!

Here you will also find a small cafe area, gift shop and toilets. The toilet is highly recommended before getting started.

There are also lockers to leave any belongings as they don’t recommend taking anything with you. If you want to take your camera/phone, you need to do this via a lanyard attached to your harness.

Hollybank Wilderness Adventures canteen
Cafe area

You need to wear comfortable clothing with no skirts or dresses. Comfortable, flat soled footwear that can’t slip off is also required. Since we had one adult supervising from the ground, we could still carry in anything we wanted.

It can be cold out here and weather can change quickly so make sure you are dressed warmly and for wet weather (if necessary).

On this trip, we tried the Tree Ropes, so most information below is on that. We also provide information on the other options here so you can make a decision which is best for you.

Hollybank Ropes Course (Tree Ropes)

The Tree Ropes area is divided into 5 different colour areas based on difficulty/appropriate age groups.

Hollybank Wilderness Adventures tree ropes
Tree Ropes

The bottom one is yellow for 4- 7 year olds only. Adults are not allowed on here but an adult needs to supervise any kids on here. Our youngest child was on here and absolutely loved it. There are two different courses.

Then there are green and blue courses for 8+ year olds. They increase in difficulty from green being the easiest to two blue ones with one being harder than the other.

Next up is a red course for 10+ year olds. This is much higher and harder with a big jump at the end.

Finally, there is a black course for 13+ year olds.

They basically get higher and trickier with it being harder to balance, like tricky tightropes and other obstacles.

After getting our harness we headed in a small group to a practise area where a guide went through how everything worked and everyone could have a practise. After talking to the group, he went over a special area with different instructions for Mr 4 since the yellow course is a bit simpler.

Hollybank Wilderness Adventures practise area
Mr 4 and Mr 8 perfecting the practise courses

I was very impressed by how well he explained it to my son and he was soon acing the practise course super confident that he could do whatever.

We then headed to the course. By the time we got here after the practise and harnessing, there was about two hours left of our session time which is a good amount of time.

Yellow 4 – 7 Year Old Course

Hollybank Wilderness Adventures Yellow 4 - 7 Year Old Course
Yellow 4 – 7 Year Old Course

Mr 4 went over the two yellow courses multiple times. The first time round he needed a bit of vocal help from the ground but he did a great job getting over his fears and working it out. After the first time, he didn’t need much help and got faster every time.

He was about 4.25 years old at the time and is used to trying to do everything his big brother and sister does so I think he is quite advanced with this kind of stuff for his age. He’s also great at following instructions. For some kids, this may have been too young especially if they are really cautious kids. I don’t think my other kids would have done this well at this age.

By 4.5-5 years old though, I think it would be fine for any kid who is happy to go a little out of their comfort zone.

Hollybank Wilderness Adventures yellow course
Yellow 4 – 7 Year Old Course with some other courses higher up

An adult does need to supervise kids in this area (in theory) which means one of us had to miss out on doing the courses. However, this did seem rare. There were maybe six other kids in this area when we arrived and not one had an adult watching them closely or supervising. They were all going on the adult course as well while occasionally watching.

This is my only complaint of this area – I seemed stuck policing and watching other kids when their parents weren’t to keep them all safe. I think Hollybank needs to do something to make sure kids are supervised here.

Green And Blue Courses 8+

Hollybank Wilderness Adventures ropes courses
The different courses

These are fantastic as well and great for this age. My 8 year old is very cautious and he was scared to start with – but he soon got over it and got a real sense of accomplishment for how he was able to handle everything. Being able to work your way up in the difficulty/height of the courses is a great way to grow confidence too.

You climb high, zipline, tightrope walk, step over rickety ladders and more. There is a jump at the end of the hardest one of about ten metres but it’s quite a slow drop.

Someone in our group had two kids who both seemed younger than 8, so I’m not sure if the centre makes exceptions or they mislead them. The smaller kid did seem to have a hard time, got stuck and they left early so I don’t recommend pushing your kid up an age.

An adult has to participate with kids on these courses and the red one. The courses are fun and the blue ones are challenging, even for adults, so this isn’t a hardship.

Red Course 10+

Hollybank Wilderness Adventures ladder up to highest level
Climbing up in the Red course

The red course is a fair bit higher and more difficult. It challenged our tall ten year old and took her to the edge of what she was capable of (in a good way). My husband found it scary at times especially the approximately 20 metre drop at the end.

Black Course 13+

We tried everything but the black thanks to each of us needing to supervise kids in different age brackets. You do have to complete the red course before you are allowed to do this one.

It is the highest course and adds an extra level of difficulty.

Hollybank Wilderness Adventures rope courses
Ropes courses

Hollybank Zipline Tour

In this option, you fly above the treetops of the blue gum forest, across the valley all the way to the Piper’s River approximately 50 meters above the ground.

To start your zipline adventure, you start with a training session and then take a 10-minute walk to the launch pad where you need to climb up three meters and attach safety cables ready for the adrenaline inducing zipline rides.

There are about six ziplines in this tour which totals almost a kilometre. You’ll be ziplining from tree to tree, and finally culminating with the longest stretch of about 400 metres.

It’s a great activity for families. Kids under 8 have to go tandem with an adult through a double harness and kids under 3 are not permitted on this activity.

You’ll also get to learn more about the unique ecosystem of Hollybank forest as your guide leads you to every cloud station. This is a two and a half hour journey.

You’ll be able to enjoy beauty and exhilaration in just a single tour.

Hollybank Segway Tour

Hollybank Segway Tour
Hollybank Segway Tour

Want to glide through Tasmania’s breathtaking Hollybank Forest? Going on an exciting segway tour will allow you to do so!

These off-road segways, equipped with just the right speed, power and durability, will take you deep into the forest in no time, as you go on a fun, and highly informative journey.

The tour lasts for an hour and a half in total, and is also ranked as one one of the top 10 Segway tours in Australia.

If you want to participate in this tour, note that you need to check in at least 15 minutes prior, so that you can first train and test your skills in a practice course before you do the actual tour.

Mountain Biking

The bike trails at Hollybank are designed specifically by Tasmanian trail builders to cater to a wide range of riders.

The bike park is made up of three trails. You can also hire a standard bike fit for both beginner or intermediate trails, or a premium bike for that added comfort, which is equipped with dual suspension for more difficult terrain.

All visitors have free access to the park and can bring their own bikes to explore the trails.

Hollybank Wilderness Adventures yellow rope courses
Some of the yellow course with other courses up higher

Hollybank Wilderness Adventure Cost And Tickets

The Hollybank Wilderness Adventures prices are not cheap. Exactly how much depends on what activities you want to do (it’s cheaper to do multiple and if you are a family).

You can sometimes get a Hollybank Wilderness Adventures discount by booking here, although at time of publishing, the pandemic has meant lower numbers on the Hollybank Treetops Adventure park at any one time which can lead to things selling out so I recommend booking in advance.

We paid $149 for our three kids and one adult. Since one adult needed to watch out 4 year old (who is a cheaper price) and couldn’t participate, we didn’t pay for two adults. For the 2.5 hours we spent here with the kids crazy happy, this was great value.

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Hollybank Wilderness Adventures Tasmania Location

Hollybank Wilderness Adventures Tasmania map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

Hollybank Adventures is at 66 Hollybank Rd, Underwood, about 25 minutes from the centre of Launceston.

It’s an easy drive with some signs on the way to help you find Hollybank Wilderness Adventures Launceston. The last stretch driving into the park is not sealed but the rest of the way is. There is parking on site.

Final Words

Hollybank Wilderness Adventures
Hollybank Wilderness Adventures entry

We loved our time at Hollybank Wilderness Adventures. The Tree Ropes were perfect for all members of our family and I especially loved there was something perfect for Mr 4 when usually he is too young to do the “proper” activities at other places we have visited like this. He absolutely lapped it up, just like my other kids did, and we all had a great time.

We can’t wait to visit again to try the zipline tour next! I highly recommend this park for anyone who has an interest in the activities mentioned in this review. You’ll love it!

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By Shan Hutchinson

Shan grew up in Tasmania, moved away and then came back with her family twenty years later. She loves re-discovering her home state and sharing it with you here.