Freycinet Marine Farm: Everything You Need To Know!

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There are three foods I can’t live without – aloo mutter, Chinese dumplings and…. oysters! Even when I was vegetarian, I still ate oysters. I love them!

So when our path crossed Freycinet Marine Farm on our last trip, there was no way I wasn’t visiting.

Freycinet Marine Farm is known for its oysters and mussels which it gets from its own farm in the Moulting Lagoon daily. They also serve up other fresh seafood from local fisherman. You can get take away or eat on their “deck” and wash it all down with a glass of (local) wine. Reading about it beforehand, it sounded exactly like my type of place!

Freycinet Marine Farm
Freycinet Marine Farm

There are also daily farm tours where you can explore their farm and have the ultimate experience for oyster lovers – getting some waders on and heading out in the water to get your own oysters ultra fresh from the ocean.

So is Freycinet Marine Farm as good as it sounds? Below, I share my full review of Freycinet Marine Farm and describe exactly what you can expect from a visit here.

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Freycinet Marine Farm Review

Freycinet Marine Farm
Freycinet Marine Farm

The Freycinet Marine Farm is a small collection of buildings where you can order your food through a window and either get take away or sit in the surrounding deck areas.

There is quite a big space with quite a lot of seating on picnic tables so I think you’d be unlucky to not find something. Most of it is undercover and suitable in all weather although I imagine on a cold day, you’d want to rug up.

Outdoor area at Freycinet Marine Farm
Outdoor area at Freycinet Marine Farm

There are crushed shells on the ground which helped entertain our kids and there is a toilet block.

The menu is basically all seafood (you can see it below) and there isn’t a huge range but who needs it with the deliciousness on offer 🙂

Undercover seating at Freycinet Marine Farm
Undercover seating at Freycinet Marine Farm
Some of the food on offer at Freycinet Marine Farm
Some of the food on offer at Freycinet Marine Farm
 Freycinet Marine Farm

We ordered oysters, mussels and scallops, as well as chips for the kids, along with some local white wine to wash it down.

The natural oysters were handed to us straight away and we had a glorious time eating those while we waited for the other food.

The oysters were big, succulent and just so delicious. It was obvious they were very fresh and we both agreed they were the best oysters we had ever had.

 Freycinet Marine Farm scallops
Our scallops
 Freycinet Marine Farm mussels
Our mussels

While the scallops were just average, the mussels were also fabulous from the Freycinet marine park. Big and succulent as well, they had more flavour than we had found in mussels before and there were some huge ones.

So if I have a recommendation, it’s definitely to stick with what is farmed here – the oysters and mussels. And definitely bring a big eski with you to take some home as well!

Freycinet Marine Farm Prices And Freycinet Marine Farm Menu

You can see the full menu and prices in the photos below. We were also able to order chips and glasses of wine started at $9.

Freycinet Marine Farm menu
Freycinet Marine Farm menu

The prices aren’t cheap but the food is worth every cent.

Freycinet Marine Farm Tour

Freycinet Marine Farm Tour
Freycinet Marine Farm Tour

The tours of Freycinet marine oyster farm take you around the farm and lend you waders so you can walk in to the water and experience getting your own oysters and shucking them. So you’ll be taste testing the freshest oysters you’ll ever get!

When we visited, they departed daily at 1pm. Unfortunately, we had the kids with us so no tour for us – this time! But I think it’d be a great experience.

You can read more about them here.


Freycinet Marine Farm location map
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Freycinet Marine Farm, Coles Bay, Tas can be found at 1784 Coles Bay Road. This is the main road into Coles Bay and Freycinet National Park and it’s clearly sign posted so you can’t miss it. I promise!

Freycinet Marine Farm from the road sign
From the highway

There is a car park on site.

Final Words

My husband and I absolutely loved visiting Freycinet Marine Farm and we loved the oysters so much that it’ll probably be tempting for us to drive up here from Hobart just to pick up more 😀 JUST SO GOOD!

oysters at Freycinet Marine Farm
Nothing better than juicy oysters and a nice glass of white…
huge mussels at Freycinet Marine Farm
.. Except maybe having it with a huge juicy mussel

The deck area has character and is a nice place to sit too especially on a sunny day.

We visited with our kids aged 4 – 10. They don’t like oysters (yay more for us!) but they were happy to come here and were able to eat chips and some of the other seafood on offer. The shells all over the ground entertained them while waiting for the food.

All in all, I honestly can’t recommend a visit here enough to anyone who loves oysters or mussels.

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By Shan Hutchinson

Shan grew up in Tasmania, moved away and then came back with her family twenty years later. She loves re-discovering her home state and sharing it with you here.