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Dru Point Bicentennial Park is a big park area in Margate. This park is perfect for families, dog owners, people looking for a group picnic spot or for anyone who likes a pretty spot to take a walk.

Dru Point Bicentennial park

Below, you will find our full review Dru Point Park as well as information about how to find this park, the facilities that are available and more so you can make the decision whether it’s worth a visit.

Dru Point Margate Location

Dru Point Margate

Located 22 kilometres from Hobart, it is quick and easy to get to this park. It’s easy to find – take the Channel Highway to Margate and then turn off at Beach Road (just before Banjos). At the waterfront, turn left on to the Esplanade. You will soon be at Dru Park.

It covers a decent area by Stinkpot Bay and there is plenty of parking inside the park.

Dru Point Park Review

Play Areas

Dru Point Margate

There is a fenced Dru Point Playground Margate by the car park. There are many things to play on and do in this part of the park which will appeal to different age groups.

Dru Point Bicentennial park

The trees and small mounds make it feel like you can keep discovering new areas to play. We also had fun playing hide and seek in here. My kids aged from 4 – 10 all found it fun.

Dru Point Park

Another great place to play for kids is with your bikes and scooters on the traffic school like area. There is a traffic light, road signs and many paved paths.

Dog Park

Dru Point Park

Dog owners will love Dru Point because there is a special dog park. This fully fenced, off leash area consists of about one hectare of grassland and light bush. There are four gates with most having dog bins and bags. It’s a great place for dogs to explore.

There’s also a dog agility area with tunnels, log jumps and a small bridge as well as a fenced picnic area especially for dog families.

Other Activities

Dru Park

What really makes Dru Point Margate stand out to me is that there are many other things to do here other than just swing on a swing and play on play equipment.

Dru Point Park is located on a point – which means there is plenty of water around. We had fun throwing rocks, talking to ducks and enjoying the surroundings.

Dru Park storywalk

Another thing I like is the StoryWalk. You can follow a path reading the story of Tazzy, the Tasmanian native hen. Each panel tells more of the story and gives you an activity to do until you hit the next panel.

This was a great way to get the kids away from the playground and out exploring while having fun too. My 10 year old did feel a bit old for this but the younger ones loved it.

Dru Point Park

There are also some little areas like the Missing Persons Garden.


There are some great facilities here with huts for groups, tables, BBQs and  toilets. It has everything you need and is a great spot for a picnic or bigger meet-up.

Fun Factor

Dru Point Margate

The fun factor is definitely off the charts here! The great playground for different age groups, the surrounding park land, the water, the StoryWalk all leads to a great park for everyone. The picnic areas make this a great destination for a big family meet-up too.

It’s fun for all ages.

Final Words

This is a great park to visit. If we lived locally, I imagine we would visit multiple times a week. It is definitely good enough to be worth regular trips from Hobart.

I love that there is so much to do beyond the playground and it’s in a pretty spot.

For a family meet-up, this place is perfect especially if you can get one of the huts.

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By Sharon Gourlay

Sharon grew up in Tasmania, moved away and then came back with her family twenty years later. She loves re-discovering her home state and sharing it with you here.