Cornelian Bay – Everything You Need To Know

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Cornelian Bay Tasmania is a small area by the bay of the same name to the north of Hobart city centre. It encompasses the bay area, a playground, sports grounds and a cemetery.

Cornelian Bay itself has a small Cornelian Bay beach area with grassy areas and a great playground. There is also a toilet, The Boathouse Cornelian Bay restaurant and a kiosk. There is parking.

Cornelian Bay Playground and boat house Cornelian Bay
Cornelian Bay Playground with The Cornelian Bay Boathouse restaurant in the background

To one side of the bay are the Cornelian Bay boat sheds which are quite popular. To the other side is the Cornelian Bay Cemetery.

Behind the playground area and the cemetery are sports grounds. There is also an off-lead dog exercise area.

Below, you will find a full overview of each of these facilities as well as the walking trail.


Cornelian Bay Tasmania map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

Cornelian Bay is just to the north of the Queens Domain and Royal Botanical Gardens. It is close to the Brooker Highway which makes this area very easy to get to by private car.

There are some great views from here including across to the Tasman Bridge.

Tasman Bridge from Cornelian Bay
Tasman Bridge from Cornelian Bay

Cornelian Bay Playground

Cornelian Bay playground
Cornelian Bay Playground with 4 year old Master J

Cornelian Bay Hobart is home to a great playground for all kids – perfect if you are like me and have kids of varying ages and abilities.

The playground has a lot of different things to do and is fully fenced, including a separate fenced area for the older climbing frame area.

The climbing frame area is great for my older kids who loved racing to the top and across and playing their own version of Floor is Lava. Families will love this playground.

Cornelian Bay playground
Cornelian Bay Playground – this separately fenced area is perfect for older kids

The Cornelian Bay Boathouse

There is a fantastic Cornelian Bay restaurant right be the water and the playground. The Cornelian Bay Boat House is a great place to go out for a meal.

The Cornelian Bay Boathouse menu focuses on contemporary Australian food utilising fresh Tasmanian ingredients. You can find the full Boathouse restaurant Cornelian Bay menu here.

Cornelian Bay Kiosk

For a quick snack, drink or ice cream on a hot day, the Cornelian Bay kiosk is on the side the restaurant close to the playground.

The Cornelian Bay boat sheds are to the right in this photo
The Cornelian Bay boat sheds are to the right in this photo

Cornelian Bay Walking Track

There is a short, but lovely track from the playground beachfront area around to Cornelian Bay Point (see Gas Road Public Park on map above) by the cemetery. You can’t miss this track.

You can also follow a walking track around the other side of the bay behind the boat sheds and then walk on to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

Cornelian Bay Boat Sheds

Cornelian Bay Cemetery

The Cornelian Bay Cemetery is located on the northern side of the bay. It’s a peaceful, green cemetery with views across the Derwent River and to Mount Wellington. The cemetery is home to gardens, bushland and lawns.

The cemetery is also home to 124 Commonwealth war graves of service personnel.

Cornelian Bay Sports Grounds

There are many sports grounds and some sporting headquarters at Cornelian Bay.

Rugby Union’s Tasmanian home is at Rugby Park next to the cemetery. Basketball Tasmania is also headquartered here at the Sport and Recreation House.

Hockey Tasmania is also at home in the Tasmanian Hockey Centre behind the Brooker Highway. There are many hockey grounds in the surrounding area.

There are also rowing clubs based in this area.

Cornelian Bay Boat Sheds

Cornelian Bay Boat Sheds
Cornelian Bay Boat Sheds

To the southern end of the bay, you can find the Cornelian Bay boat sheds. These colourful sheds are often not home to boats anymore with them becoming quite popular in recent times as work spaces, studios and gathering places.

Note they are privately owned so you can’t check them out inside.

Cornelian Bay Toilet
Cornelian Bay Toilet near the parking and playground areas

Final Words

Cornelian Bay is the perfect place to come for some outdoor sport and recreation as well as a picnic. From the great playground to the restaurant, walking trails and great views, it’s a nice place to hang out for a few hours.

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By Shan Hutchinson

Shan grew up in Tasmania, moved away and then came back with her family twenty years later. She loves re-discovering her home state and sharing it with you here.