Camping is one of our favourite things to do as a family, so having the best camping tent for family trips is an absolute necessity to make our holidays more enjoyable!

As anyone who goes camping regularly will know, finding the right tent out of all the best family tent Australia 2021 options can be very overwhelming. The good news is that your search doesn’t have to be, thanks to this guide that I decided to put together on finding the best family tents 2021 offers.

Finding the best large family tent last year, we’ve found it so much easier to get away for the weekend as a family and enjoy the beautiful Tasmanian outdoors! It’s definitely helped us to have a lot more quality family time as well.

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In this guide to the best family tent for camping, I walk you through the best family tent camping options on the market, whether you’re looking for the best 4 person family tent, the best small family tent, the best tent for large family options, and most importantly how to choose the right tent for you and your family’s needs.

Let’s get started with my best family tent review shortlist!

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Compare The Top 10 Best Family Tents For Camping Australia 2021

NameImageTypeCapacityNo. of RoomsRatingPrice
Coleman Instant Up Gold Series Family TentColeman Instant Up Gold Series Family TentPop Up/Instant Up4, 6, 8 or 10-person14.5Click here
Black Wolf Turbo Lite 300 Family TentBlack Wolf Turbo Lite 300 Family TentDome5-person14.5Click here
Weisshorn Pop Up Family TentWeisshorn Pop Up Family TentPop Up/Instant Up4-person14.0Click here
Browning Camping Big Horn TentBrowning Camping Big Horn TentCabin8-person24.5Click here
Coleman Silver Series Instant Up Family TentColeman Silver Series Instant Up Family TentPop Up/Instant Up4, 6, or 8-person14.5Click here
Core 9P Instant Cabin Family TentCore 9P Instant Cabin Family TentCabin yet Instant Set-up9-person14.5Click here
Oztent RV5 Family TentOztent RV5 Family TentPop Up/Instant Up5-person14.5Click here
Outdoor Connection Aria Elite TentOutdoor Connection Aria Elite TentCabin8 or 12-person2 or 34.0Click here
Oztrail Tourer 10 Plus Canvas Family TentOztrail Tourer 10 Plus Canvas Family TentCabin10-person14.0Click here
Coleman Gold Series Chalet 9-Person Family TentColeman Gold Series Chalet 9-Person Family TentCabin9-person14.0Click here

Top 10 Best Family Tent Australia 2021

Handy reference list of the best family tents Australia offers – see all full best tents for family reviews below!

  • Coleman Instant Up Gold Series Family Tent, 4, 6, 8 or 10-person
  • Black Wolf Turbo Lite 300 Family Tent, 5-person
  • Weisshorn Pop Up Family Tent, 4-person
  • Browning Camping Big Horn Tent, 4-person
  • Coleman Silver Series Instant Up Family Tent, 8-person
  • Core 9P Instant Cabin Family Tent, 9-person
  • Oztent RV5 Family Tent, 5-person
  • Outdoor Connection Aria Elite Tent, 8 or 12-person
  • Oztrail Tourer 10 Plus Canvas Family Tent, 10-person
  • Coleman Gold Series Chalet 9-Person Family Tent, 9-person

Choosing The Best Tents For Camping With Family 2021

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Looking at the many best family tent deals, there are so many options that looking for the best tent for family camping can quickly get overwhelming. One of the most important things is to understand is what type of tents are available and what features they offer, which I’ll cover below.


When comparing best tent family camping options, one of the most important things to be aware of is the different types of tents available and what they offer.

Pop-up / Instant Up Family Tents

If you’re looking for the best family tent 2021 options that keep things really simple, then a popup tent may be the right option for you. These are pretty much instant to assemble and take much of the ‘hard work’ out of camping. Perfect if you’re after something you can use as the best family beach tent as well.

  • Take the hassle out of assembly – they either popup when removed from their bag or have a hydraulic mechanism for assembly in seconds.
  • Come in a range of styles and sizes
  • Perfect for easy family camping
  • Can be larger and more bulky to carry than dome tents
  • Not always suitable for withstanding bad weather, high winds or designed for regular use – read reviews carefully.

Dome Family Tents

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One of the most common types of tent that are great for family camping is the dome tent. These include some of the best family camping tent options out there which can be lightweight, robust in inclement weather and highly versatile.

  • Wide range of models – extended dome tents are also available as some of the best large family tents.
  • Some models are super lightweight and pack down small for easy portability
  • Designed for strength and generally do a good job of withstanding the weather for year-round camping.
  • Can take longer to set up and assemble, depending on the design.
  • Headroom is not always generous, something to be aware of for taller campers.

Cabin-Type Family Tents

If you’re looking for a more spacious feel inside your tent, then the best cabin tents for family camping may be more suitable for your needs. With close to vertical walls and greater height than dome tents, they are definitely one of the best big family tent options that are worth considering.

  • Offer greater height – perfect for tall campers
  • Often come with hooks or straps you can attach lanterns to which make it easier to read or find things in your tent after dark without searching for your torch.
  • Vertical walls make the most of the interior space and you won’t have to worry about your head hitting the sides when you sit up.
  • Their greater height can make them less stable in windy conditions, so not all are suitable for poor weather camping.
  • Given these tents are larger, they are also usually heavier and bulkier to carry.

Size & Capacity

As you’ll quickly see once you start searching for the best deals on family tents, you can get the best tents for family camping in a wide range of sizes. At the smaller end, if you’re looking for the best tent family of 4 options, you’ll find those described as ‘4 man tents’.

Sizes increase in number of persons, up to anything around 12 person family tents. If you want a bit more space, I recommend getting one for 1 person extra – consider getting a 5 person tent for a family of 4, as the capacity / number of persons indicated is often on the optimistic side and may not allow for space for storing your kit!

Weight & Compactness

Cabin tent

After you’ve researched what size tent you’ll need, one of the most important things to consider when deciding what is the best family tent to buy is the weight as well as how compact the tent will fold up.

This is especially important if you’re looking for the best family backpacking tent where you’ll be carrying the weight yourselves. For car camping trips it’s less important but you still want to make sure your tent will fit comfortably in your vehicle. Look out for the weight measurements as well as size once packed up.

Ease Of Set-up And Installation

If you’re new to camping (or even if you’re a more seasoned camper) one of the main hurdles to an enjoyable trip is setting up your tent fully and correctly to ensure it is weather tight and secure.

For camping novices, it can be a good idea to get a tent that is specifically designed for easy assembly (as many are). You’ll also want to think about whether it’ll need two of you to assemble the tent, or if one person can do it (better as it’ll allow one to keep an eye on the kids).

Weather And Seasonality

Whether you plan to use your family tent for camping year round or not, it’s important to make sure that it’s weatherproof. One of the worst things about camping is waking up in the night to find a puddle at your feet! Investing in the best 4 season family tent is a good idea if you plan to use your tent in different weathers and seasons.

Material And Ventilation

When comparing your options for family tents, another criteria you’ll want to keep in mind is what it’s made from. If you’re in search of the best affordable family tent these days, chances are it’s almost certainly made from either Nylon or Polyester.

Man-made fabrics such as Nylon and Polyester are great because they’re lightweight, but on the downside they are not very breathable and condensation can be an issue, and are poor insulators. You’ll want to make sure they are rip-stop and coated for water resistance.

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An alternative option is to get one of the best family canvas tents however these are becoming increasingly hard to find as despite canvas (cotton) being great at insulation, their major downside is weight and size – you’d be hard pushed to get one of these in your car, let alone backpack.

When choosing a tent we recommend always choosing double layer construction (separate inner and outer layers) for better breathability and protection.

Other Great-To-Have Features

Once you’ve got your head around the above, there are some other features that it’s worth keeping an eye out for when choosing the best camping tents for family trips.

  • Multiple doors – useful even on the best budget family tent as you’ll want to avoid stepping over one another in the night to get out if you can!
  • Storage pockets – super helpful for keeping your things neat and organised, and for finding your torch or phone in the dark.
  • Mesh screens – keeps the mozzies out while allowing you to get plenty of ventilation.
  • Roll-down windows – another feature that helps provide plenty of ventilation for warmer weather
  • Built in lights – great to have if you want to read in your tent or just to be able to find things easily in the dark.

Know The Tent Terms

When you’re looking at tents, whether it’s the very best survival tent for family or just a simple best family weekend tent, there are a lot of technical terms which may not be obvious initially what they refer to! Here are some key phrases to know and what they mean:

  • Rainfly The outer layer of the tent that’s water resistant and prevents you from getting rained on. Can often be removed so you can just use the inner layer during dry weather.
  • Vestibule – Porch or covered doorway which is covered and can be used for sitting in (larger ones) or just storing kit you want to keep outside of the tent but reasonably secure.
  • Pole – The ‘bones’ of the tent which allow it to keep its structure. Some vestibules may be able to be held open with hiking or other types of poles for additional shelter.
  • Stakes & Guylines – Stakes (sometimes called tent pegs) are what hold the tent in the ground. Guylines are pieces of cord attached to the side of the tent at one end and pegged into the ground at the other to help the tent stay secure and the rainfly away from the inside.
  • Footprint – Often sold separately, this is an additional tarpaulin which can be placed beneath the tent and is useful for camping in rugged terrain or if you want extra protection for the bottom of your tent.

Best Tent For Family Reviews Australia 2021

Coleman Instant Up Gold Series Family Tent Review

Coleman Instant Up Gold Series Family Tent

This best Coleman family tent is definitely a contender to look at if you’re in search of an instant pop-up tent as well as a best family cabin tent that can fit a family of 4 people.

This Coleman family tent assembles in under 2 minutes thanks to the instant up hub frame, making it perfect for those wanting minimum-fuss camping. With a height of 190cm it’s a good option if you’re worried about finding the best family tent for tall person options.

Made from 75D ripstop polyester, this tent has been coated to provide water resistance up to 3000mm. It features a large front door and vestibule area that’s large enough to sit under, as well as 2 windows with mesh that provide extra ventilation.

This best Coleman tent for family trips is generously sized to be roomy enough for four people plus bags and gear. We love some of the additional features such as the welcome mat – no more muddy feet coming into this tent! If you’re looking at the best tents for family of 4, you’ll want to consider this one.

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Black Wolf Turbo Lite 300 Family Tent Review

Black Wolf Turbo Lite 300 Family Tent

Next up in my best family camping tents reviews is this option from Black Wolf Tents.

This dome tent is perfect if you’re looking for the best camping tent for family of 5 that can also grow with you as your needs change, thanks to the additional side panels that can be purchased separately and added on later to extend the tent into multiple rooms. The headroom is great in this tent at almost 2 meters.

Made from 150D ripstop polyester, this tent is suitable for camping year-round and is waterproof to 2000mm. It features an extra large 3-pole awning which is perfect for sitting under in the shade (or rain), providing additional living space for the family.

Other features included taped seams to help keep the tent dry and storm flaps. Weighing 22kg, you won’t want to carry this tent far but it’s definitely one of the best family tents for car camping for its size.

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Weisshorn Pop Up Family Tent Review

Weisshorn Pop Up Family Tent

Another instant popup tent option that’s well worth a look if you’re on the lookout for the best tent for a family of 4 is this model from Weisshorn.

This tent is pre-attached to the frame for easy assembly in 2 minutes or under. It’s made from heavy duty silver coated polyester for extra protection from the elements and waterproof up to 3000mm. It’s suitable for year-round camping and includes a large door and awning and 2 large mesh windows for ventilation.

Weighing 9.2kg with a handy carry bag included, this is another good option if you’re looking for a best family tent for car camping. Another thing we love about this tent is its spacious height of 194cm.

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Browning Camping Big Horn Tent Review

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

If you’re looking for something a little larger, you may just love this best large family camping ten. With capacity for up to 8, this two room cabin tent is generously proportioned and comes with some great features.

Made from 75D polyester, this tent comes with fibreglass poles for extra strength and an easy setup. There are 2 doors, 4 windows and transparent ceiling mesh (perfect for stargazing without the fly in dry conditions) for plenty of ventilation throughout the tent so things won’t get stuffy either.

Straight sided walls help make the most of the space and the tent has been weather sealed with taped seams and water resistant coating to 2000mm, making it ideal for 3 season camping.

For those on the search for the best 8 person family tent, this is a great place to start.

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Coleman Silver Series Instant Up Family Tent Review

Coleman Silver Series Instant Up Family Tent

Another instant tent option, this Coleman best tent for family of 4 is easy on the pocket as well as being super easy to set up. If your mission is to find the best family tent under 200, this one could be for you.

Like other instant tents, this tent sets up in just a couple of minutes thanks to the built in hub frame. Made from polyester, the tent features fully taped rain fly seams to keep the water out.

It has a large shaded vestibule that’s perfect for sitting under in the sun or for additional shelter in the rain. Like other cabin tents in these reviews it has plenty of ventilation too with the large door and two large roll up windows.

If you’re looking for the best cheap family tents that can fit 4, this is an option worth looking at.

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Core 9P Instant Cabin Family Tent Review

Core 9P Instant Cabin Family Tent

Another of the best camping tents for large families, this big 9 person tent has plenty of things to love about it.

With 2 rooms, the Core 9 boasts just a 60 second instant setup, which considering its size is quite incredible. Keep things tidy inside with the zip-up room divider and wall storage pockets, and there’s even a covered electrical cord access port for charging electronics safely.

This tent is great for summer or 3 season camping and features plenty of ventilation with multiple large roll down windows. It offers a head height of up to 198cm, and can fit 2 queen air mattresses – so whilst you may not want to have as many as 9 people in here, it’s still very comfortable for a large family or group of friends.

A great option if you’re looking for a large instant tent and there’s even transparent mesh for stargazing on summer nights!

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Oztent RV5 Family Tent Review

Oztent RV5 Family Tent

If you’d rather something a little more innovative, this contender for the best 5 man family tent offers a totally different design.

One of the best things about this unique tent is that the functional design allows it to be assembled in just 30 seconds by one person! Perfect if you’ve got a grumpy toddler on the loose. The oversized awning is perfect for summer outdoor living space and relaxing under, while the 100% guaranteed waterproof ripstop polycotton canvas delivers top quality and breathability. You won’t want to go back to polyester tents after this!

Other features include mesh side and rear windows and zippered power inlet. This tent is pricey, but for regular campers who want the best all season family tent, this option really does deserve the rave reviews it gets.

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Outdoor Connection Aria Elite Tent Review

Outdoor Connection Aria Elite Tent

For a super flexible best 3 room family tent, this large dome tent sleeps up to 12 with different room configurations – so it’s perfect for camping with your friends or extended family!

Made from 100D polyester, the tent is waterproof to 2000mm and there are plenty of features in this large tent. There’s a 3 pole awning for shaded outdoor space, hanging hooks for LED lights along the central seam, a generous headroom of 2 meters, and handy storage pockets in the sleeping areas.

If size matters, this is definitely one of the best camping tent for large family options around. The large windows and doors have privacy screens and “durafine” mesh meaning the interior stays well ventilated, too.

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Oztrail Tourer 10 Plus Canvas Family Tent Review

Oztrail Tourer 10 Plus Canvas Family Tent

Next up, this Oztrail family tent is a solid option if you’re looking at 4 season family tent reviews and need something on the larger side – this tent can sleep up to 10.

Made from ripstop nylon and canvas, this tent is designed to be sturdy and functional, with plenty of headroom. Also designed for quick assembly, the tent can be used in most weathers and offers exceptional climate control through the combination of its efficiently insulating canvas and multiple roll-up windows. All windows and doors feature fine, “no-see-em” mesh.

Weighing 30kg, this is not a light tent, but you are getting a robust construction that can be used in most weathers by the family at a great price.

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Coleman Gold Series Chalet 9-Person Family Tent Review

Coleman Gold Series Chalet 9-Person Family Tent

Last but not least in my family tent reviews is this 9 person flexible tent from Coleman. Do note that although it’s advertised as a 9 person tent, customers are advised that the optimum use of this tent is as a best 6 person family tent, leaving the central area as a living area or for storage.

This tent is made from 75D polyester and has fully taped seams for weather-tightness with a 3000mm waterproof fly. It’s a 3 room camping tent which works best with the central space used for living and a bedroom off to each end.

It has plenty of other features which include integrated LED nightlight, gear organiser, a skylight over the central room for additional light and stargazing in summer, large windows with weatherproof flaps and a power cord management system.

This tent packs a lot in – especially for the price – and is well worth a closer look for families or groups of friends who want something functional that can handle different weathers. There’s also a large awning that’s perfect for relaxing under in the shade.

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I hope you enjoyed this guide and find it helpful in choosing the best family tent for your next outing! Looking for other camping products? Read more of the best tent options, best camping fridge, best camping chair, best self inflating mattress or find all my guides to the best products here.

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