Complete Guide To The Best Car Fridge Australia [2022]

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With the best car fridge Australia has, long car rides are made way more bearable. Being able to have cold drinks or snacks on demand is such a game changer.

They’re also amazing for going camping, fishing, and taking along with you on a whole host of outdoor activities. You’re able to store meat, beer, drinks, perishable food or even ice in a car fridge freezer – they really can be an investment that completely changes your life.

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However, trying to find the very best car fridge price isn’t the easiest of tasks. There’s heaps of factors and features you need to understand and choose between. For example, the best caravan fridge freezer, might not be the best small car fridge Australia can give you.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap car fridge freezer, or a premium fridge freezer model, the smallest car fridge or the best fridge for caravan trips, this guide, comparison chart and product reviews will help you narrow down your options. Get ready to find the best car fridge for your exact personal needs!

best car fridge

Compare The Top 10 Best Car Fridge Australia 2022

Use this car fridge comparison chart to quickly see the top features of each of the best car refrigerator options reviewed in this article.

NameImageCapacityWeightPower / Working VoltageTemperature RangePriceFeaturesRating
Advwin 20L Portable Fridge FreezerAdvwin 20L Portable Fridge Freezer 12V/24V/240V Car Refrigerator Camping Car Boating Caravan Bar Fridge20L11.5 kg12V/24V DC | 100-240V AC-25°C to 20°CClickEco mode, LED display, temperature variation4.5
Bushman Original Fridge35L22.5 kg12V/24V DC | 240V AC10°C to -22°CClick12cm fan, adjustable latches, 2cm rubber feet4.5
Alpicool C15 Portable RefrigeratorAlpicool C40 Portable Refrigerator15L8.6 kg12V/24V DC | 110-240V AC20°C to -20°CClickCar battery protection, smaller size, digital control panel4.5
Dometic CFX3 75DZ Portable Dual Zone Fridge & Freezer
Dometic CFX3 75DZ Portable Dual Zone Fridge & Freezer 75L
75L27.8 kg12V/24V DC | 100 or 240V AC-22°C to 10°CClickWiFi app and Bluetooth control, heavy duty, 3-year warranty5.0
Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer45L17.8 kg12V/24V DC | 240V ACminimum approximately -18°CClickAutomatic LED interior, reversible side opening lid, digital control panel4.5
Engel MT-V Fridge Freezer40L24 kg12V/24V DC | 240V ACminimum approximately -18°CClickAutomatic LED light, digital control panel, battery monitor4.5
ARB 10802442 Portable Fridge/FreezerARB 10802442 Portable Fridge Freezer44.5L29.5 kg12V/24V DC10°C to -22°CClickBluetooth-enabled, USB port, durable steel casing4.5
Evakool TMX Fridge Freezer65L21.5 kg12V/24V DC | 240V AC10°C to -22°CClickWiFi-enabled, internal LED light, USB port4.0
National Luna Fridge Freezer55L24.4 kg12V/24V DC | 240V AC20°C to -24°CClickInternal LED light, digital temp control, low power draw4.0
Brass Monkey Portable Fridge Freezer With Solar Charger BoardBrass Monkey Portable Fridge Freezer With Solar Charger Board52L15.9 kg12V/24V DC | 240V ACminimum approximately -20°CClickBluetooth compatible, wheels, solar charging4.5

Top 10 Best Car Fridge For Sale In Australia 2022

Handy reference list of the best buy car fridge Australia options – read our full best car fridge reviews below!

  • Advwin Portable Fridge Freezer, 20L, 11.5 kg
  • Bushman Original Fridge, 35L, 22.5 kg
  • Alpicool C15 Portable Refrigerator, 15L, 8.6 kg
  • Dometic CFX3 75DZ Portable Dual Zone Fridge & Freezer, 75L, 27.8 kg
  • Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer, 45L, 17.8 kg
  • Engel MT-V Fridge Freezer, 40L, 24 kg
  • ARB 10802442 Portable Fridge/Freezer, 44.5L, 29.5 kg
  • Evakool TMX Fridge Freezer, 65L, 21.5 kg
  • National Luna Fridge Freezer, 55L, 24.4 kg
  • Brass Monkey Portable Fridge Freezer With Solar Charger Board, 52L, 15.9 kg

Choosing The Best Car Fridge 2022

Before deciding on the best portable fridge for car use, there are a few things you should make sure you understand and have thought about. These include the kind of fridge you want to buy, your available space, requirements and budget.

Read up about what goes into picking the best car fridge to buy, even if you’re after the best budget car fridge.


best car fridge

Car fridges/freezers come in a range of types and it’s important to consider which of these will make the best campervan fridge, car fridge or whatever you’re using for. This all depends on the length of your drive, the size of your vehicle, its power consumption and other things.

Here are some of the types to choose from…

Chest Fridge/Freezer

  • As the name suggests, these are shaped like a box/chest with a hinged lid that opens upwards
  • Typically the most economical type of fridge
  • They don’t have fans, therefore the temperature is not always consistent

Upright Fridge/Freezer

  • Opens like a cupboard
  • Comes in a variety of finishes such as stainless steel
  • Consumes more space so best for larger vehicles

Drawer Fridge

  • Opens up like a drawer
  • Can go in the boot with a panel over the top
  • Great for easily accessing food/drinks even at the back of the fridge
  • Easier to clean as they usually feature auto defrosting
  • Can cost a little more than chest fridge/freezers

Console Fridge

  • Space saving – designed to fit in the centre console of vehicles
  • Great for long drives or trips – very easy to access drinks and snacks while driving
  • Usually a bit small

Size And Capacity

The size and capacity of your car fridge are very important to consider before you choose the best travel fridge for your needs.

Large car fridge freezers are great for large groups of people with bigger spaces for storage and for long car rides. The best car mini fridge is obviously better for small spaces or those that want to consume less power.

best car fridge

Here’s a simple guide on fridge capacities:

  • < 35L – the best mini fridge for car is suitable for keeping medicines refrigerated and small amounts of food or drinks
  • 35 – 40 L – a small refrigerator for car great for a weekend getaway with two people, or one week if you’re on your own
  • 40 L – the most common size – a car small fridge ideal for 2-3 people on a long weekend
  • 50 L – can be used for a whole week by two people or a long weekend for a small family or group of friends
  • 60 – 65 L – great for up to five people – this is a large, heavy fridge that will consume a lot of power
  • > 65 –  a lot of space – enough for a big group that’ll spend a week together, however its size can be too large for most vehicles, not to mention the power consumption is very significant


Some car fridge/freezers come with more than one compartment. These are a great help in organising your food or drinks, such as raw food and fresh food.

There are also some that come with baskets or dividers that you can use if you need to separate spaces or remove if not needed.

Temperature Range

Ideally, the temperature for car fridges is 2°C – 3°C. This stops your food spoiling but prevents your food from being frozen. Anything above 4.4 °C can mean your food will start to spoil.

For freezers, the ideal temperature is -10°C to -20°C, depending on what you’ll need to keep frozen. The colder the temperature in your fridge/freezer, the greater the amount of power it will consume.

best car fridge

Power Consumption And Working Voltage

Considering the power consumption and voltage of the fridge is also a must. It’s important to save power and keep yourself safe by not using the wrong voltage or power source.

Whether you’re looking for a small 12V car fridge or the best 12V campervan fridge on the market, you should be aware that usually, fridge coolers will draw 4.5A at 12V.

Keep in mind as well that car fridge/freezers can drain your car battery over a long period of usage.

Weight And Portability

The weight of the fridge goes into determining how portable it is. The lighter it is, the easier it is to carry with you and move it around. Some of the best portable car fridge models feature wheels and handles which makes them easier to move as well.

Some small portable car fridge handles are foldable too, so they’re space-saving at the same time.

Other Great Features

Here are some more features that you’ll find in the best 4×4 fridge freezer models…

  • Drainage Plugs – makes for easier cleaning. Just remove the plug to let water out when you need to defrost.
  • Removable Divider Or Baskets – these are great for organising your fridge as you can separate each kind of food such as dairy, fruits, drinks etc.
  • Internal Lights – some come with lights that make finding the exact snack you fancy way easier at night.
  • WiFi/Bluetooth Connectivity – allows you to monitor and adjust the temperature of your fridge by using your mobile phone.
  • USB Output – charge your phone if you’re caught short without a power source but do keep in mind that this feature consumes a lot of power from your fridge.

Best Car Fridge Freezer Australia 2022 Reviews

Best Small Car Fridge Freezer 2022

Advwin 20L Portable Fridge Freezer Review

Advwin 20L Portable Fridge Freezer 12V/24V/240V Car Refrigerator Camping Car Boating Caravan Bar Fridge

Rating: 4.5


  • Capacity: 20L
  • Weight: 11.5kg
  • Power/Working Voltage: 12V/24V DC | 100-240V AC
  • Temperature Range: -25 °C to 20 °C

This Advwin small car fridge is a 20 litre, top loading fridge/freezer that can store a variety of goods like drinks, fresh produce, frozen food etc. Refrigerate or freeze whatever you need from -20°C to +20°C. This temperature variation also makes it an option for certain medications and skin care products.

It only takes around an hour to reach the lowest temp. It’s easy to adjust the temperature with the LED display. Inside, the fridge is divided into three compartments by dividers which can be removed. The lid is also attached unlike some where car fridges where it can go missing.

When it comes to powering this fridge/freezer, you can either plug it into the wall or use the 12/24V DC cable, meaning you can plug it into a cigarette lighter or into a battery. It is also smart in that it will stop charging once it reaches the desired temperature and switch to eco mode, thus saving power. Note that you can’t use it as a fridge and freezer at the same time.

The small Advwin car fridge price is also more affordable compared to other car fridge freezer models. It’s a solid choice for camping and road trips.


  • Good temperature variation
  • Switches to eco-mode to save power
  • Easy to use LED display 


  • Can’t be used as a fridge and freezer at the same time
  • Smaller capacity, but there are larger sizes available

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Bushman Original Fridge Review

Rating: 4.5


  • Capacity: 35L
  • Weight: 22.5kg
  • Power/Working Voltage: 12V/24V DC | 240V AC
  • Temperature Range: 10 °C to -22 °C

This fridge is amazing! Can’t decide which size fridge/freezer you need? With Bushman’s fridge, you can change the capacity between 35L, 42L, 45L, or 52L – all with just one product. This is done by adjusting the lid a bit like you would with an adjustable suitcase.

Using the 52 litre mode, you can keep your food refrigerated and frozen at the same time. The fridge/freezer can be set at temperatures -22°C to +10°C.

The fridge features a 12cm fan for better airflow and temperature distribution. Along with the fridge, you’ll get a transit cover – so it’s protected from any scratches during trips. Its powder coated steel cabinet, adjustable latches and 2 cm rubber feet make it one of the best 4WD fridge models.

The fridge can be used with 12V – 24V DC power and it comes with an amazing five years of warranty and measures 69 x 38.5 x 38 – 54.5 (height) cm and only weighs 22.5 kg – pretty light for such a large capacity fridge. This is one of the best 12v fridge for van trips you’ll ever find!


  • Protected with powder coated steel cabinet, steel slip hinges, and 2 cm rubber feet
  • Efficient and powerful
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • None

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Alpicool C15 Portable Refrigerator Review

Alpicool C40 Portable Refrigerator

Rating: 4.5


  • Capacity: 15L
  • Weight: 8.6kg
  • Power/Working Voltage: 12V/24V DC | 110-240V AC
  • Temperature Range: 20 °C to -20 °C

This Alpicool portable refrigerator may be the best RV fridge for people wanting a smaller choice due to its 15 litres (20 cans) capacity. Its fast freeze mode, together with its low noise technology makes it one of the best car camping fridge models out there.

The fridge also packs intelligent temperature control that can range from -20°C to +20°C although you can’t use it as a fridge and freezer at the same time.

The fridge/freezer has car battery protection to help prevent you accidentally running down your battery. It also features durable handles for easy movement and lightweight but strong plastic casing.

It can be powered with 12V/24V DC or 110-240V AC. It measures 59.8 x 32 x 26 cm and weighs 8.6 kg – very lightweight and compact and won’t take up too much space in smaller vehicles.


  • Cools food as quickly as 30 minutes
  • Digital control panel with electronic temperature control
  • Three stage car battery protection system
  • Lightweight (but strong) plastic case & durable handles


  • Cannot be used as a fridge & freezer at the same time

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More Top Car Fridge Review Australia

Dometic CFX3 75DZ Portable Dual Zone Fridge & Freezer Review

Dometic CFX3 75DZ Portable Dual Zone Fridge & Freezer 75L

Rating: 5.0


  • Capacity: 75L
  • Weight: 27.8kg
  • Power/Working Voltage: 12V/24V DC | 100 or 240V AC
  • Temperature Range: -22 °C to 10 °C

Dometic makes great products, and this Dometic car fridge for sale on Amazon is great for those who are looking for a large capacity fridge/freezer – this one can fit up to 75 litres with its excellent split cooling performance that ranges from -22°C to +10°C.

The fridge can be controlled through your phone with the app which is great for keeping an eye on the power and temp without having to check the actual fridge. It connects to both WiFi and Bluetooth. You can also charge your gadgets with a USB port. If you don’t want to use it with a phone, you can control and monitor the fridge/freezer with the intuitive LED display.

There are two compartments, so it’s one of the easiest to use as a fridge in one compartment and as a freezer in the other. If you want to organise your items, it also comes with removable wire baskets. The carrying handles on the fridge are also strong and the heavy duty design and protected corners of this fridge make for a durable piece of equipment.

This model doesn’t come cheap, but this is still the best price Dometic fridge freezer for this model’s capacity and quality – and it comes with a three year warranty.


  • WiFi app and Bluetooth control for setting, controlling and monitoring each compartment 
  • Split compartments with removable wire baskets
  • Great temperature variation
  • Three year warranty


  • Heavy, but it is a large capacity fridge freezer

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Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer Review

Rating: 4.5


  • Capacity: 45L
  • Weight: 17.8kg
  • Power/Working Voltage: 12V/24V DC | 240V AC
  • Temperature Range: minimum approximately -18 °C

The powerful, reliable and quiet compressor of this fridge/freezer from Adventure Kings makes it one of the best mobile fridge models you can find online. It has a 45 litre capacity and can freeze or cool your food down to -18°C.

The internal lights help you to light up your food in the dark. It also comes with a removable basket and a separate dairy compartment to take away the stress of organising your fridge.

The included protective insulation cover has an easy top zip opening and side pockets so you can have easy access to it without getting it out of the bag. It also comes with foldable heavy duty handles.

The extra thick rubber seals and casing insulation make it really temperature efficient therefore it’s one of the best fridge for van trips for eco conscious travellers. It can be connected with a 12V, 24V DC or 240V AC power source and it weighs 17.8 kg, and the fridge measures 66 x 41 x 43 cm and has 24 months of warranty.


  • Thick EVA seals and insulated casing – holds temperature efficiently
  • Three stage adjustable battery protection
  • Simple temperature adjustment via digital control panel


  • Nothing I can find that’s obvious

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Engel MT-V Fridge Freezer Review

Rating: 4.5


  • Capacity: 40L
  • Weight: 24kg
  • Power/Working Voltage: 12V/24V DC | 240V AC
  • Temperature Range: minimum approximately -18 °C

If you’ve been searching for the best price Engel fridge, this best price Engel 40 litre fridge might be it. It can be used either as a fridge or a freezer, depending on your needs at the time.

It features an automatic internal LED light that turns off when you close the lid. It comes with a food basket to help organising and you’re able to separately purchase a transit bag if you need it. The gunmetal metallic finish and large lockable latch make it look the part, as well as being rugged and durable.

Its automatic voltage selection can be plugged into a 12/24V DC or 240V AC source, and this small Engel car fridge for sale only measures 36 x 63.2 x 50.8 cm and weighs 24 kg.

If you’ve been wondering where to buy Engel car fridge best deal online, this is the perfect answer for you since for its functionality, it’s one of the cheapest Engel fridges you’ll find.


  • Digital control panel is very user friendly, easy to control & adjust
  • Automatic internal LED light 
  • Five year warranty


  • Cannot be used as a fridge & freezer at the same time

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ARB 10802442 Portable Fridge/Freezer Review

ARB 10802442 Portable Fridge Freezer

Rating: 4.5


  • Capacity: 44.5L
  • Weight: 29.5kg
  • Power/Working Voltage: 12V/24V DC
  • Temperature Range: 10 °C to -22 °C

We just couldn’t leave this ARB car fridge review off our list. It can hold up to 44.5 litres. This fridge/freezer features Bluetooth connectivity so you’re able to control and monitor the temperature using your phone. You can also charge your phone with it too!

If you’re searching for the best ARB car fridge for sale for minimal power consumption, this one’s a good choice since it features a low power LED light and good insulation. Included with the fridge are removable baskets for food organisation, and it also features carry handles that double as tie down points.

To power, plug it into 12V/24V DC power. It measures 73.7 x 55.9 x 48.3 cm and weighs 29.48 kg. The tough and durable steel outer casing makes this ARB car fridge price worth every penny since you know it’s going to last you years.


  • Bluetooth enabled – wireless monitoring & control of temperature with your phone
  • Quick release lid, and a tough, durable steel casing
  • Low power draw LED internal light
  • Convenient USB port for phone charging etc.


  • Heavier than most products of the same capacity

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Evakool TMX Fridge Freezer Review

Rating: 4.0


  • Capacity: 65L
  • Weight: 21.5kg
  • Power/Working Voltage: 12V/24V DC | 240V AC
  • Temperature Range: 10 °C to -22 °C

Another best portable refrigerator for car use with a capacity of up to 65 litres is from Evakool. You can chill food and drinks to 55°C below ambient temperature – meaning it works brilliantly even in the hottest Australian summers.

Uniquely, this product opens in more than one way – open it at either the side or remove the lid entirely, making cleaning and access so easy. The drainage bung is handy for cleaning too.

The fridge/freezer features an internal bright LED light, as well as a dairy compartment, removable baskets and lid. Included is a protective fridge cover with your purchase and you’re also able to charge your phone via the USB in case you’re caught short.

The well constructed polypropylene cabinet and fully insulated base and lid make it one of the best car cooler 12V /24V DC or 240V AC fridges for those who are trying to find a large capacity yet lightweight fridge.

And if you’re still unsure of its quality, Evakool offers five years of warranty.


  • Wifi enabled – use Evakool app for control of temperature 
  • Two way lid, digital control, and three stage setting for low voltage protection 
  • Cheap yet quality features and material
  • Five year warranty 


  • None

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National Luna Fridge Freezer Review

Rating: 4.0


  • Capacity: 55L
  • Weight: 24.4kg
  • Power/Working Voltage: 12V/24V DC | 240V AC
  • Temperature Range: 20 °C to -24 °C

If you still haven’t found the best fridge and freezer for you, this 55L capacity National Luna Fridge Freezer might be the one. It can chill food down to temperatures of -18°C.

It includes LED lights and comes with baskets that are food grade polycarbonate, high strength handles and a lid that has a lockable latch so your fridge won’t open easily in transit.

The fridge has 6cm thick insulation as well as floor cooling plates, making it really efficient. The exterior is made of stainless steel while its interior is made of aluminium and it can be powered by 12V/24V DC or 240V AC but if this goes off, this fridge reverts to battery power automatically.

It measures 75 x 42.5 x 53.5 cm and weighs 24.4 kg. Along with the fridge, you get three years of fridge warranty and a massive eight years of compressor warranty – quality assured with this product.


  • Internal LED light
  • Three baskets for organisation
  • Three stage protection for your battery
  • Three year warranty


  • Pricey but good quality

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Brass Monkey Portable Fridge Freezer With Solar Charger Board Review

Brass Monkey Portable Fridge Freezer With Solar Charger Board

Rating: 4.5


  • Capacity: 52L
  • Weight: 15.9kg
  • Power/Working Voltage: 12V/24V DC | 240V AC
  • Temperature Range: minimum approximately -20 °C

Looking for the best fridge for your car on a budget? This Brass Monkey fridge and freezer with 52 L (or 75 cans) is your best option! This affordable fridge can go down to -20°C.

Despite its cheap price, this product can be connected with Bluetooth for remote control/monitoring. It features LED lights and telescopic handles. Moving this fridge around is easy too thanks to the sturdy wheels. It’s also super quiet (less than 38dB!) and includes a cigarette socket charging cable.

You’re able to buy a removable battery separately if this would be useful for you, or you could even use solar charging via a solar panel that’s also sold separately. On top of these charging options, it can also be plugged into 12V/24V DC or 240V AC.

This fridge weighs just 15.9 kg, and even with its cheap price, comes with three years of warranty.


  • Control via digital display or through your phone
  • Sturdy wheels and handles – convenient transport
  • Capable of solar charging with the use of external solar panel
  • Amazingly lightweight – 14 kg!
  • Three year warranty


  • The lid can sometimes be tricky to open

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I hope you enjoyed this guide and find it helpful in choosing the best car fridge for your next outing! Also check out all the best rooftop tents to go with your car here.

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