Trying to find the best camping mattress Australia has can feel like a mammoth task – there are so many types, thicknesses, sizes, weights, and more. How do you know you’re really finding the very best camping mat for your needs?

It can be hard to tell if a mattress is of a good quality that will give you a decent lifetime. The last thing you want is to fork out on a mattress that doesn’t last.

Couple on a Green Mattress

That’s why my ultimate guide to the best camping mattress will talk you through all the variations and considerations you need to think about before choosing the best mattress for camping Australia has to offer for your personal needs. I’ve gone ahead and found the top 10 camping mattresses you can buy online in Australia and we’ve only included products we trust.

Whether you’re looking for the best camping mattress for couples, the best mattress on a budget, or perhaps the best self inflating camping mattress Australia has for sale, this guide will help you find it. Be sure to check out our handy comparison chart and in depth reviews to find the best air mattress for camping Australia can give you.

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Compare The Top 10 Best Mattresses For Camping Australia 2021

NameImageTypeAvailable SizesRatingPrice
Zempire Monstamat Camping MattressZempire Monstamat Camping MattressSelf InflatingSingle, King Single or Twin5.0Click here
Exped Megamat Camping MattressExped Megamat Camping MattressSelf InflatingMedium, Long Single Wide or Large Wide4.5Click here
Coleman Quick Bed Camping MattressColeman Quick Bed Camping MattressAirXL Single, Double or Queen4.0Click here
Coleman All Terrain Airbeds Camping Air MattressColeman All Terrain Airbeds Camping Air MattressAirDouble or Queen4.0Click here
Sea To Summit Comfort Deluxe Self Inflating Camping MattressSea To Summit Comfort Deluxe Self Inflating MattressSelf Inflating10 x 64 x 183 cm4.5Click here
Thermarest Mondoking 3D Large Sleep MatThermarest Mondoking 3D Large Sleep MatSelf Inflating72 x 20 x 18 cm4.5Click here
Naturehike Double Inflatable Camping Air MattressNaturehike Double Inflatable Camping Air MattressAir210 x 135 x 13 cm4.5Click here
Aerobed Active Camping BedAerobed Active Camping BedAirSingle, Double or Queen4.5Click here
OZtrail Leisure MatOZtrail Leisure MatSelf InflatingDouble, Queen or King4.5Click here
Black Wolf Mega Deluxe Self Inflating MatBlack Wolf HexaTherm Mega Deluxe Self Inflating MattresSelf Inflating198 x 77 x 10 cm4.0Click here

Top 10 Best Camping Mattress Australia 2021

Handy reference list of the best camping mattresses – see all full camping mattress best reviews below!

  • Zempire Monstamat Camping Mattress, Self Inflating
  • Exped Megamat Camping Mattress, Self Inflating
  • Coleman Quick Bed Camping Mattress, Air
  • Coleman All Terrain Airbeds Camping Air Mattress, Air
  • Sea To Summit Comfort Deluxe Self Inflating Camping Mattress, Self Inflating
  • Thermarest Mondoking 3D Large Sleep Camping Mat, Self Inflating
  • Naturehike Double Inflatable Camping Air Mattress, Air
  • Aerobed Active Camping Bed, Air
  • OzTrail Leisure Camping Mat, Self Inflating
  • Black Wolf Mega Deluxe Self Inflating Mat, Self Inflating

Choosing The Best Camping Air Mattress Australia 2021

Search for “the best camping beds 2021” on Google and you’ll bring up thousands of results.

So how do you know you’re really finding the best one for your needs? There are tons of considerations you need to make when looking for the best camping mattress 2021 can give you. Read on to discover which features to pay close attention to.


You can find a variety of types of the best air mattress camping beds. Each variety usually has its own benefits and, sometimes, drawbacks.

Air Camping Mattress

This is probably the most common variety of camping mattress out there. You inflate the mattress with air using a pump or the power of your lungs. The best airbed for camping is one that won’t leak over time as this is very annoying (and uncomfortable) for the sleeper.

  • Typically made of PVC, another plastic, or rubber
  • Usually very affordable
  • Generally quite lightweight
  • Can be time consuming/hard work to inflate
  • They sometimes leak air in the night – choosing the very best blow up mattress for camping will avoid this

Self Inflating Camping Mattress

a sleeping mattress in a tent

Many think that this is the best inflatable mattress for camping. This type of mattress has a foam inner. Before use, you open the valve and it will suck air in on its own, inflating the mattress. You then close the valve.

  • Often give better support because the air inside doesn’t move about as freely
  • Compact when you need it to be – just roll it up (pushing the air out) and seal the valve
  • Generally quite lightweight
  • Easy to inflate – hardly any effort from you
  • Poor quality mattresses may begin to leak – check out the options in this article to find the best self inflating air mattress for camping

Foam Camping Mattress

This kind of mattress is made of solid foam. The best foam camping mattress Australia has to offer should be durable and not too heavy.

  • Warmer – a denser barrier between you and the ground means you’ll be warmer at night
  • Typically inexpensive
  • Usually quite firm – not the best for plush mattress lovers
  • Can be heavy in comparison to other types
  • Bulky – although you can roll them up, they can still be relatively large and will probably need to go on the outside of your rucksack


The best camping bed for couples will be a large double one. The best double camping mattress needs to be wide enough for both sleepers.

The standard length of a mattress is just under 2 metres (6 feet), so if you are over this you’ll want to find one that is a bit longer. A standard single camping mattress is 51cm wide and the best queen camping mattress is 152 cm.

Weight And Compactness

Sleeping mattress being carried by a kid

You’re buying a camping mattress, so weight and compactness are likely high priority. If you’ll be carrying the mattress long distances, you’ll want to look for the best lightweight camping pad.

Although thinner material usually results in a lighter mattress, this could mean the chances of a tear or hole are increased. The best camping sleeping mat will be light but also of a durable quality.

Also, consider the size of the mattress once packed down. The best roll up camping mattress should be fairly compact in it’s rolled up state.


Check the thickness of the mattress you’re considering. If it’s an inflatable mattress, this will vary by how much air you put inside. Even the best inflatable camping mattress should only be filled to 80-90 percent of its capacity (especially for first time use) as this will reduce the chances of the mattress rupturing.

The best camping foam mattress should be thick enough to provide you with good insulation and comfort, but not so thick as to be too bulky (although this might not be a problem for you if you aren’t going to be trekking).

Insulation And R-value

What’s R-value? The R stands for resistance. Basically, it’s a rating that tells you how good at keeping the cold at bay the mattress (or any insulating product) is. It’s something handy to know when shopping for the best camp beds 2021 has to offer.

The higher the R-value, the warmer you should feel. A best rated camping mattress for cold temperatures will usually have an R-value of 5 or higher. For hot summer camping, a rating of 2 or less will do fine.

Other Great Features

A top camping mattress might have additional features or strongpoints.

  • Easy to inflate/deflate – Self inflating mattresses are typically best for this. If it’s an air bed, you’ll need a pump so it’s nice if this is included in the box. The best air mattresses for camping will also be easy to deflate since you don’t want to spend heaps of time packing down
  • Carry bag – a nice bonus for transporting your mattress, many of the best lightweight camping mattresses will come with one.
  • Built in pillow – makes things easier since you don’t need to bring a pillow
  • Comfort – nobody wants a bad night’s sleep (even when camping). Try to check out reviews to see what customers thought of the mattress’s comfiness.

Best Camping Bed Reviews Australia 2021

Use all of our best camping mattress reviews to find the perfect option for your needs.

Zempire Monstamat Camping Mattress Review

Zempire Monstamat Camping Mattress

Looking for the best camping inflatable mattress? This self inflating bed from Zempire is covered with a silky feeling stretch fabric that is 40D, ripstop, and tough. The valve is multi purpose meaning it’s used for both inflation and deflation but is cleverly designed to prevent air entering back in when you are packing down. It’s also high volume, meaning the process is fast.

The foam is treated with an anti bacterial solution that prevents odour, mould, and mildew. It’s got a 10 cm thickness which provides the perfect amount of cushioning to ensure you are comfy and can’t feel any lumps or rocks under you.

This bed weighs 3 kg and measures 198 x 68 cm. Along with the mattress, you’ll get a carry bag, compression strap, and a repair kit just in case. If you’re looking for the best air mattress for tent camping or the best self inflating camping mat, it’s well worth a look.

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Exped Megamat Camping Mattress Review

Exped Megamat Camping Mattress

Exped advertises their mattress as “more like a bed than a sleeping pad” and we can see why – it’s so comfy and a great option if you want the best self inflating camping pad! It’s a single, self-inflating mattress, meaning it’s got a foam inner that provides great support and is also so easy to inflate, just open the valve. To deflate is almost as easy.

A great bonus feature of this mattress is the included pump. Although it does self inflate, you can use the pump in case you prefer a firmer mattress – it’s nice that you can inflate to your personal preferences. The mattress is designed to be used in four seasons and Exped tells us it will keep you warm even at a maximum of minus 47 degrees Celsius.

The mattress weighs just 2.3 kg and can be inflated to almost 10 cm, giving you a really plush and comfy bed. Once inflated fully it measures 183 x 65 cm. Along with the mattress, you’ll get a carry bag with a strap. Plus, you’ll get a five year warranty so you know you’re buying quality you can trust. If you want the best camping air mattress 2021 has to offer, it could be worth checking out.

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Coleman Quick Bed Camping Mattress Review

Coleman Quick Bed Camping Mattress

If you’re looking for the best Coleman air mattress then this one needs to be on your radar. You can choose between an extra large single, double, or queen size mattress. They’re all made with durable PVC and aren’t too much bother to inflate when using a pump.

The mattress can be used both indoors and outdoors so you know you can get good use out of it – take it camping or use it when relatives come to stay. It uses an anti bacterial texture that is designed to resist odour, mould, mildew, and fungus, which is always handy for a camping mattress.

The extra large single mattress weighs only 1 kg and measures in at 35.6 x 25.4 cm with a thickness of 8.3 cm. It comes with a carry bag that is attached to the bed but it should be noted it doesn’t include a pump so you’ll need to purchase this separately if you don’t already have one. This mattress has given hundreds of sleepers a great night’s sleep and can be picked up for a great price too. Whether you want the best double camp bed, best single air mattress for camping or even a queen option, you should definitely have a look.

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Coleman All Terrain Airbeds Camping Air Mattress Review

Coleman All Terrain Airbeds Camping Air Mattress

Another great Coleman mattress. This one is a queen sized mattress that is extra high. It’s made with extra tough PVP – Coleman tells us that this mattress is 47 percent more puncture resistant, 25 percent more stretch resistant and 30 percent lighter than a standard Coleman airbed of the same dimensions. Inflating it is no trouble with a pump.

Because this bed is extra high (20 cm) it means you can use it on any terrain without feeling any rocks or bumps at all – it’s just so comfortable. Use this mattress camping or as a spare, comfy bed in your home.

The bed weighs 3.8 kg so it’s not exactly light – this might not be the best option to take trekking but will do fine if you’re driving to your campsite. You’ll need to buy a pump separately. Once inflated it measures in at 40 x 30 cm. Campers like how this mattress is extra durable and resistant to punctures as well comfy! Take a look if you need the best camp bed for couples.

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Sea To Summit Comfort Deluxe Self Inflating Camping Mattress Review

Sea To Summit Comfort Deluxe Self Inflating Mattress

This bed is a single self inflating one so it’s perfect for anyone needing the best camping blow up mattress for one. To inflate it you simply open the valve and the mattress does the rest. To deflate it, Sea To Summit have made things easier than some other brands by fitting their bed with a multi function valve. This means that when you need to roll up the mattress you don’t need to wrestle against air that is being sucked back into the bed.

The bed uses a 30D knit fabric on the top, so there’s no cold plastic touching your skin in the night. It has an R-value of 5.2 making it perfect for cold climates and weather. Sea To Summit tells us that it is possible to use this mattress in warmer temperatures too but you’ll want to pair it with a light sleeping bag or even just a blanket.

This mattress measures 10.2 x 63.5 x 182.9 cm and weighs a tiny 0.9 kg so there’s no problem carrying it in your bag. This isn’t a cheap product but that’s because it’s a professional grade, high quality, and durable piece of equipment that is made with serious campers in mind.

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Thermarest Mondoking 3D Large Sleep Mat Review

Thermarest Mondoking 3D Large Sleep Mat

This bed is another pro quality, self inflating camping mattress in single size. It’s built with top thermal quality foam that is perfectly formed to make the mattress feel plush and comfy just like a normal non camping mattress. Inflating and deflating is super easy with the dual valve system that means you’re not fighting with the mattress to get the air out.

The fabric is a knitted, breathable material. The R-value is a huge 8.0 meaning this is one of the best Thermarest sleeping pad models out there for super cold weather. Thermarest assures us that this mattress can be used in all weather types, even summer.

It measures in at 64 x 196 x 10 cm with a weight of just under 2 kg. This bed isn’t the cheapest one you can find, but you’re paying for quality. Thermarest have been designing self inflating pads since 1977 – they really know what they’re doing and this model is no exception.

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Naturehike Double Inflatable Camping Air Mattress Review

Naturehike Double Inflatable Camping Air Mattress

Naturehike’s bed is a double sized air mattress and worth a look if you want the best blow up mattress camping bed. It’s of a really high quality that trumps pretty much all other air beds on the market. Air mattresses are not usually known for their high level of comfort, but this one is definitely an exception – the multi point pressure supports disperses your weight evenly, making it as comfy (or comfier) than your bed at home.

The bed uses a combination of wear and tear resistant, waterproof nylon and TPU. Naturehike promises that their bed is completely leak free. We love how firm this mattress is, even when two are sleeping on it – it doesn’t dip or sag like most others. You’ll need a pump to go with it (not included).

It measures 210 x 135 x 13 cm. That little bit of extra thickness gives you a super comfy bed even when you’re on a rough or bumpy terrain. Once packed up, the mattress measures just 15 x 37 cm inside the included waterproof bag and weighs 1.6 kg – no bother to get in your rucksack. For the quality, this product is really reasonably priced and could be considered the best 2 person camping mattress.

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Aerobed Active Camping Bed Review

Aerobed Active Camping Bed

This queen sized air mattress from Aerobed aims to combine quality with affordability and is a great choice for those looking for the best budget camping pad or the best camping air mattress for couples. It’s made of thick PVC that is designed to last and not leak and is also tear resistant. Plus, weight is distributed very evenly – minimal sagging even with two people using.

One of the best things about this bed is that it comes with a DC powered, rechargeable pump. You can charge it at home, with your car, or use it portably once it’s charged anywhere. Using the pump you can inflate/deflate the mat in seconds.

A nice feature of this bed is the integrated pillow, so you don’t need to bring along a separate one. This bed measures 198 x 152 cm and weighs 6 kg – this is not a super lightweight bed but it would work great if you’ll be using a car to get to the campsite and the extra thickness could mean it’s the best camping mattress for bad back, Australia.

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OZtrail Leisure Mat Review

OZtrail Leisure Mat

This mat comes in single, double, or queen size. All are self inflating and made with waterproof vinyl with a non slip velour exterior. It’s constructed with cores integrated into high density open cell foam. This means you can inflate and deflate the mattress easily.

Measurements and weight vary according to which size you get but the single sized mattress measures in at 190 x 70 x 8 cm and weighs 5 kg – not exactly light (although not super heavy) but you are given a tough carry bag with straps which means transportation isn’t a huge deal. The best thing about OZtrai’s mattresses are that they are sold at super reasonable prices.

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Black Wolf Mega Deluxe Self Inflating Mat Review

Black Wolf HexaTherm Mega Deluxe Self Inflating Mattres

This self inflating mattress is a single one but comes in an extra wide size meaning you get more space to move about and roll over in the night without ending up on the tent floor. It uses a quick rise open cell foam structure to ensure you can inflate or deflate the bed without minimal time and effort.

This mat is fairly thin (7cm) meaning you can roll it up more compact than some other camp mattresses but the innovative internal structure means you are completely supported and comfy even on uneven surfaces.

It measures 190 x 73 cm giving you an extra 10 cm or so than a standard single mat. It weighs 3 kg. You’ll get a handy carry bag with straps to store and transport the mat and a one year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind. This slightly thinner mattress could be perfect if you want the best mattress for car camping.

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I hope you find this guide to the best camping mattress helpful. Looking for other products to take on your next camping trip? Read our full guides to the best air mattress, best camping chair, best tent and best camping fridge. Find more of our camping guides here.

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