When you’re headed out on a camping trip, whether it’s with the whole family or just a few of your mates, having the right equipment can really make or break your camping trip, and perhaps nothing more so than having a great camping fridge for your trip.

Getting ready for an upcoming camping trip last summer, our camping fridge needed replacing and so I started to look for options for the best camping fridge Australia had to offer as a replacement. Unfortunately, it turned out that finding out which are the best camping fridge freezers is quite a task!

In my research, I spent hours reading camping fridge review after review, and eventually settled on a few to test out myself.

The good news is that I’ve done the hard work for you – so if you’re wondering what is the best camping fridge, you’ve come to the right place!

portable fridge for roof party

In this guide to finding the best camping fridge freezer Australia has, I’ll walk you through what to look for and how to choose one that’s right for you – whether you’re after a small camping fridge, the best value camping fridge, or something more sophisticated such as the best dual zone fridge/freezer.

Let’s get stuck in!

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Compare The Top 10 Best Camping Fridges Australia 2021

NameImageCapacityPower SourceRatingPrice
Dometic Waeco CFX Camping Fridge Freezer SeriesDometic Waeco CFX Camping Fridge8 sizes from 28 to 75L12V / 240V4.5Click here
Dometic Waeco CF Camping Fridge Freezer SeriesDometic Waeco CF Camping Fridge Freezer Series40 or 50L12V / 240V4.0Click here
Engel MT-V Camping Fridge Freezer SeriesEngel MT-V Camping Fridge Freezer Series7 sizes from 32 to 80L12V / 240V4.5Click here
EvaKool TMX TravelMate Camping FridgeEvaKool TMX TravelMate Camping Fridge5 sizes from 38 to 80L12V / 240V4.0Click here
National Luna Camping FridgeNational Luna Camping Fridge9 sizes from 40 to 125L12V / 240V4.0Click here
Adventure Kings Camping Fridge FreezerAdventure Kings Camping Fridge Freezer45, 60, 70 or 90L12V / 240V4.5Click here
Bushman Original Camping FridgeBushman Orig Camping Fridge35, 42, 45 or 52L12V / 240V4.5Click here
EvaKool Fibreglass Camping Fridge FreezerEvaKool Fibreglass Camping Fridge9 sizes from 40 to 150L12V / 240V4.0Click here
Engel MR40F Camping FridgeEngel MR40F Camping Fridge38L12V / 240V4.0Click here
Oztrail Dual Zone Camping Fridge FreezerOztrail Dual Zone Camping Fridge Freezer80 or 125L12V / 240V4.5Click here

Top 10 Best Camping Fridge Australia 2021

Handy reference list of the best camper fridge options – see all full best camp fridge reviews below!

  • Dometic Waeco CFX Camping Fridge Freezer Series, 8 sizes from 28 to 75L
  • Dometic Waeco CF Camping Fridge Freezer Series, 40 or 50L
  • Engel MT-V Camping Fridge Freezer Series, 7 sizes from 32 to 80L
  • EvaKool TMX TravelMate Camping Fridge, 5 sizes from 38 to 80L
  • National Luna Camping Fridge, 9 sizes from 40 to 125L
  • Adventure Kings Camping Fridge Freezer, 45, 60, 70 or 90L
  • Bushman Original Camping Fridge, 35, 42, 45 or 52L
  • EvaKool Fibreglass Camping Fridge Freezer, 9 sizes from 40 to 150L
  • Engel MR40F Camping Fridge, 38L
  • Oztrail Dual Zone Camping Fridge Freezer, 80 or 125L

How To Choose The Best Camping Fridge/Freezers 2021

When you’re trying to choose which camping fridge to buy, the most important thing is to be aware of the range of different types of camping fridges on the market today, and the different types of features they offer, as well as what situations they are good for. I’ll run through some of the main differences between the best camping refrigerator models below.


Truck Fridge

One of the first things to consider when looking for the best camping freezer or fridge is what type it is. Here are some of the main types of camp fridges you’ll find on the market:

Chest Camping Fridge

The most simple type of fridge and common among cheap camping fridge options is the chest fridge. Designed like a simple coolbox or esky with a lid on the top, the difference between an esky and this type of fridge is that this is run on electric current to keep your food and drinks cooler for longer. A good option if you want something budget friendly for short trips and don’t need much capacity.

Dual Zone Camping Fridge Freezer 

If you’re looking for a best camping fridge freezer review, and you want to be able to use both the fridge and freezer simultaneously, then the best dual zone camping fridge freezer is going to be the right option for you. ‘Dual Zone’ means this type of fridge has the ability to operate separate compartments at separate temperatures if you wish, whereas fridge freezers that are not dual zone can only be used as either one or the other.

Drawer Camping Fridge 

The great thing about a drawer camping fridge is that it opens like a drawer, therefore helping you to save space. Unlike a chest fridge freezer which requires you to keep space clear above it to open, with a drawer fridge you’ll be able to store items on top of it as long as you have space clear to open it in front.

Not only does it save space, but it’s easier to find things in too! No more rummaging at the bottom for the ice.

3-way Camping Fridge 

All of the above camping fridges are powered by electricity. However if you’re looking for a gas camping fridge for sale then you’re going to want to look at the best 3 way camping fridge options. 3 way camping fridges offer the option to alternate between electricity and gas for maximum flexibility.

Size And Capacity

When looking to buy the best portable fridge for camping, one of the main things is to buy one which is large enough to meet your needs. It’s worth thinking about whether you need a large camping fridge for long trips with your family? Or are you only looking for something for day trips or occasional overnight camping breaks which the best mini fridge for camping would work just fine for.

Fridge size is measured in litres (or sometimes number of cans that can fit), and you’ll find most sizes ranging between 20L up to around 80L+.

Power Source And Requirement

One of the main things you’re going to want to look at before picking a fridge is the power source you’ll be using it with. Most fridge compressors run on electricity, on either 12V supply or mains 230V.

Then there are also the 3 way fridges which allow the usage of gas. Check which power source you’re going to be able to use most of the time while camping. If you’re going to be running your fridge off your car or RV battery, you’ll want to look for the best 12V camping fridge.

Material, Insulation And Durability

green portable refrigerator with drinks

Something that will considerably affect your camping fridge price is the material that it’s built with as well as what is used for insulation. The cheapest materials are plastics, while some of the big and heavy camping fridges will have metal casings for extra durability.

These provide strength but can make fridges heavy. Fibreglass camping fridges provide great insulation and are easy to clean, but are more expensive and less forgiving of bumps and scratches.

Other Great Features

As you’ll quickly see when reading best camping fridge review listings, there are a whole host of extra features available when comparing camping fridges and freezers. Some just increase the cost, but others are super handy to have. Here are some of the ones I recommend keeping an eye out for: 

  • Storage basketsHandy for keeping your fridge organised, if you are buying a larger fridge or freezer for camping, many fridge freezers come with baskets included.
  • Removable and/or interchangeable lids Having a fully removable lid is an advantage for cleaning as well as having the space to arrange your fridge properly and easy access.
  • Extension collarIf you’re not sure what size camping fridge you need, getting one with an extension collar is a great idea. The collar adds additional capacity to the top of your camping fridge for extra space when you need it (simply remove when you don’t).
  • Wheels & SlidesIf you’re looking to buy camping fridge models that are on the larger side, then investing in wheels and slides are highly recommended to reduce the amount of heavy lifting you’ll need to do in and out of your vehicle or camping set up, helping to protect the fridge from bumps as well.
  • Insulated carry bag/coverJust as it’s important to get a good camping fridge with an efficient compressor, having an insulated carry bag improves the efficiency of your fridge, helping keep your food and drinks cooler with less energy.
  • Digital LED displayFor easy operation, I definitely recommend getting a fridge with an LED display – no more fiddling with buttons in the dark!
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivityTo be able to check on your fridge remotely, you’ll want a fridge model that’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled. Some you can even link to your phone to set temperatures and operations remotely! Not a must have but a nice luxury.
  • Internal LightingLast but not least you’re going to want to have internal lighting in your fridge freezer – no more hunting for food or drinks one handed with your flashlight!

Best Fridges For Camping Reviews Australia 2021

Dometic Waeco CFX Camping Fridge Freezer Series Review

Dometic Waeco CFX Camping Fridge
If you’re looking for a great quality camping fridge then the Dometic Waeco CFX range is well worth a look. With various sizes of fridge available within the range, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

Using a powerful VMS03 compressor, these 2 way fridges are compatible with 12V or mains power and are guaranteed to keep your food chilled or frozen, down to an impressive -21 degrees C.

Connect your fridge directly to your phone for easy control through the wifi and bluetooth technology. The ExoFrame construction means that these fridges are both lightweight and durable with aluminium handles for extra strength.

If you’re looking for a great quality fridge or freezer that’s going to last for years to come then I definitely suggest checking out the Dometic Waeco camping fridge freezers.

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Dometic Waeco CF Camping Fridge Freezer Series Review

Dometic Waeco CF Camping Fridge Freezer Series

A level down from the CFX range above, the Dometic Waeco CF range are great fridges if you want something reliable with a few less bells and whistles, and at a lower price point.

Featuring a reliable compressor with quick chill options and the ability to keep your food cold down to -18 degrees C, these fridges are also compatible with 12V or mains power. They include a handy fully removable lid, LCD display panel, sturdy carry handles and battery monitor with low voltage shut-off to protect against a dead battery. There’s also an interior LED light.

Efficient and highly functional, these fridges have all the features you need for a reliable fridge freezer that you can take camping again and again. Whether you’re looking for the best small camping fridge or something much larger, this is another range I recommend.

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Engel MT-V Camping Fridge Freezer Series Review

Engel MT-V Camping Fridge Freezer Series
Another great range to consider when looking for the best portable freezer for camping (or fridge) is the Engel MT-V series.

Engel camping fridge prices are not super cheap, but you are getting great quality and a lot of features for your money. Built to be sturdy as well as energy efficient, they feature a Sawafuji swing motor to keep energy use low (they work with 12V or 230V) as well as sturdy handles and corner protectors, integrated interior LED lights which shut off automatically when the door is closed. There’s also an easy to use LCD display and integrated baskets.

If you’re looking for the best price Engel fridge then start off by looking at the smaller fridges that are part of this great quality range.

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EvaKool TMX TravelMate Camping Fridge Review

EvaKool TMX TravelMate Camping Fridge

Designed to be reliable and user friendly, the EvaKool TravelMate comes with either a side opening option or end opening, so definitely an option to consider if you’re in search of the best upright camping fridge.

Including a 5 year warranty, this single zone fridge freezer with Danfoss compressor will freeze up to 55 degrees C below ambient temperatures, making it more than capable of dealing with Aussie summers. There’s a handy USB port to charge small devices, an internal LED light and removable lid and baskets for easy cleaning. It’s also popular for its silent operation.

This fridge is another good option to consider if you’re looking for something reliable that operates on 12V or mains supply and is strong enough to handle regular use.

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National Luna Camping Fridge Review

National Luna Camping Fridge

If you’re looking for a dual zone fridge freezer with good capacity for a family camping trip, then you might love the 50L National Luna camping fridge.

With a 10L freezer compartment next to the 2-tier 40L fridge section, this fridge allows you to simultaneously chill and freeze. Featuring a built in battery monitor, 3 internal baskets, an internal LED light and flexible side or front lid opening, this is a great fridge for a weekend trip away. 42mm high density insulation helps chill your food efficiently using either 12V or mains electrical current.

It’s also available with 52L capacity and larger if you’re looking for something with more space.

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Adventure Kings Camping Fridge Freezer Review

Adventure Kings Camping Fridge Freezer

Adventure Kings are another leading brand when it comes to great camping fridges, with a large range of sizes and capacities from the best small camping fridge freezer through to large dual zone fridge freezers with space to feed the whole family.

Many sizes are great value for money and all work on either 12V or mains electricity supply. Featuring powerful and efficient SECOP compressors, easy to use LCD controls, and extra thick rubber seals for good insulation, you really can’t go wrong with an Adventure Kings fridge. There are heavy duty spring action handles that fold away when not in use, helping save on space too.

Larger models include built in baskets as well. Sizes range from 45L up to 90L – definitely a great range to consider if you’re looking for the best 12V fridge for camping.

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Bushman Original Camping Fridge Review

Bushman Orig Camping Fridge

If you’re looking for a fridge that will grow with your needs, you may just have found it! The best thing about this Bushmans camping fridge is the unique extension kit that it comes with, meaning you can use it at four different sizes, between 35L and 52L thanks to the extendable hood kit.

This single zone fridge includes digital LCD control screen, removable baskets, and sturdy steel latches. Taller drinks bottles can easily be stored standing up by removing one of the baskets. With a temperature range of -22 degrees celsius to 10 degrees, whether you want to use it as a fridge or freezer, it’s bound to do a good job of keeping your food chilled. Works on either 12V or mains power.

If you’re looking for a flexible fridge with expandable space, you’ll definitely want to consider this Bushman Original.

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EvaKool Fibreglass Camping Fridge Freezer Review

EvaKool Fibreglass Camping Fridge

Looking for the best dual zone camping fridge and freezer? You’ll want to check out the Fibreglass range from EvaKool, renowned for its effective and sturdy fibreglass construction.

Fully Australian made, this fridge freezer features the ability to keep your food and drinks cool up to 60 degrees celsius below ambient temperatures thanks to its high quality insulation – perfect for hot Australian summers! Other features include silent operation, digital controls, drainage plug for easy cleaning and much more.

Sizes available range from 40L to 150L so you’re bound to find the right one for you. These fridges are 2 way and work on mains voltage or come with a 12V adaptor.

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Engel MR40F Camping Fridge Review

Engel MR40F Camping Fridge

This Engel fridge is a good option if you’re looking for a mid-size affordable fridge that’s reliable and comes with plenty of features and durability.

Featuring a Sawafuji swing compressor, this Engel fridge provides cooling you can rely on and can be used as either a fridge or a freezer. With a sturdy plastic design, reversible lid and 38L capacity, it’s a good size fridge for weekend trips, or even for long days out with the family. The fridge is compatible with mains electricity or 12V. It doesn’t include accessories, but you can easily buy food storage baskets, transit bags and more.

If you’re looking for a small to mid size fridge that’s reliable and competitively priced, consider this Engel. For the Engel 40 litre fridge best price around, check the link below.

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Oztrail Dual Zone Camping Fridge Freezer Review

Oztrail Dual Zone Camping Fridge Freezer

Last but not least in my best camping fridge reviews are these high quality dual zone fridge freezers from Oztrail. As you’ll see in this Oztrail fridge review, they’re packed with some great features.

With two different compartments, this dual zone camping fridge freezer can be used as both fridge and freezer simultaneously, with easy to use controls via the LCD panel. Featuring an LG compressor and electronics, you can be sure of high quality cooling and performance. There are also a host of nice-to-have features such as soft close hinges, automatic internal light, and 2 year warranty.

If you’re looking for a large dual zone fridge freezer for your next camping trip, I highly recommend the Oztrail. This model comes in two sizes with 80L or 125L capacity.

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I hope you find this guide to the best camping fridge helpful. Looking for other products to take on your next camping adventure? Read our full guides to the best tent, best family tent, best camping chair and best self inflating mattress. Find more of our travel or camping guides here.

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