Trying to find the very best camping chair Australia has to offer can be an overwhelming task due to the sheer number of products and choices out there. That’s why I’ve compiled the best camp chairs top 10 into this article so that you can find the perfect chair for your particular needs.

Whether you’re looking for a small camping chair, the best lightweight camping chair Australia has, or you’re willing to splurge on a luxury chair, this article covers all bases. I’ll talk you through all the chair related lingo, in easy to understand language, so that you can make an educated decision on which product is the best made camping chair for you.

Camping Chair beside Camp Fire

You might be looking for a cheap camp chair, or perhaps the best camping chair for bad back Australia has on offer. No matter your needs, our simple to read comparison chart as well as our in depth reviews on each product will give you the answer to “what is the best camping chair?”.

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Compare The Best Camping Chairs Australia 2021

In the table below, compare all the best camping chairs top 10 Australia offers.

NameImageTypeWeight (kg)Capacity (kg)RatingPrice
Oztrail Sun Lounge Deluxe Camping ChairOztrail Sun Lounge Deluxe Camping Chair.jpgFlat Fold9 kg150 kg4.5Click here
Dune 4WD Deluxe Nomad XL Camping ChairDune 4WD Deluxe Nomad XL Camping ChairFlat Fold8.5 kg120 kg4.0Click here
Oztrail Sovereign Cooler Arm Camping ChairOztrail Sovereign Cooler Arm Camping ChairQuad3 kg130 kg4.0Click here
Oztent King Goanna Camping ChairOztent King Goanna Camping ChairQuad6 kg200 kg4.5Click here
Coleman Directors Plus Camping ChairColeman Directors Plus Camping ChairDirectors3.6 kg135 kg4.5Click here
Oztrail Classic Directors Camping ChairOztrail Classic Directors Camping ChairDirectors2.1 kg140 kg4.5Click here
Coleman Cooler Arm Camping ChairColeman Cooler Arm Camping ChairQuad4 kg130 kg4.0Click here
Wanderer Touring Extreme Directors Camp ChairWanderer Touring Extreme Directors Camp ChairDirectors6 kg200 kg4.5Click here
Helinox Chair Zero Ultralight Compact Camping ChairHelinox Chair Zero Ultralight Compact Camping ChairFlat Fold0.5 kg120 kg4.5Click here
Oztrail Galaxy Double Moon Camping ChairOztrail Galaxy Double Moon Camping ChairLounge/Double9 kg120 kg4.5Click here

Top 10 Best Camping Chair Australia 2021

Here’s a handy reference list of the best camping chairs Australia options– see all full camping chair best reviews below!

  • Oztrail Sun Lounge Deluxe Camping Chair, Flat Fold
  • Dune 4WD Deluxe Nomad XL Camping Chair, Flat Fold
  • OzTrail Sovereign Cooler Arm Camping Chair, Quad
  • Oztent King Goanna Camping Chair, Quad
  • Coleman Directors Plus Camping Chair, Directors
  • Oztrail Classic Directors Camping Chair, Directors
  • Coleman Cooler Arm Camping Chair, Quad
  • Wanderer Touring Extreme Directors Camp Chair, Directors
  • Helinox Chair Zero Ultralight Compact Camping Chair, Flat Fold
  • Oztrail Galaxy Double Moon Camping Chair, Lounge/Double

How To Choose The Best Camping Chairs 2021

When trying to find the best camping chair ever there are a few things you need to consider. The best chairs for camping will, of course, be of good quality build but you must also think about the type of chair, size, material, weight, and more.

Let’s dive into all the terminology and features to help you find the best quality camping chairs for your next trip.


Folding Camp Chair On Cliff

There are tons of different types of chairs out there that each have their own benefits and suit some people better than others.

Quad Fold Camping Chair – Most people looking for the best foldable chair for camping that is still simple usually go for this type of chair. This is your standard chair that you’ve no doubt encountered before. The four legs fold towards the centre and the material collapses in between the legs. These are usually also the best budget camping chairs.

Flat Fold Camping Chair – This kind of chair is another common camping chair variety. This kind folds in half. and is usually the best folding camping chair for easier storage since they can fold flat or very close to flat. The chair is sometimes more supportive because the material can be more rigid than that of a quad fold camping chair.

Directors Chair – This kind of chair is typically a little more luxurious than the types above. They fold in the middle when you pull each armrest together. Some of the best camping directors chair models might have an attached side table.

Lounge/Double Camping Chairs – These kinds of chairs are great for couples. You can fit at least two people on one chair and they fold like a quad or flat fold chair. The best double camping chair needs to be sturdy since it will be supporting double the weight.

Camping Stools – This type of seat is a backless one and might be a good choice if you’re looking for the best compact camping chair. You can find middle folding or flat folding stools. These aren’t great for sitting for very long periods as there is no back support. They are so light and easy to carry though that they are some of the best backpacking camp chairs.

Moon Camping Chairs – These chairs get their name from their shape that is a little bit moon like. The best camping moon chair is ultra comfy since they wrap around you and are usually very cushioning. You can find quad folding or flat folding moon chairs. These chairs tend to be a bit heavier, due to their large size, but you can also find relatively lightweight ones out there.

Kids Camping Chairs – If you’ve got kids, it’s nice for them to have their own chair so they’re not always sitting on your lap and it’s ideal if the chair is suited to their smaller sizes so they’re more comfortable. Some of the best kids camping chair models have built in awnings to protect them from sunburn.

Size And Portability

folding chair carried by a man

You’ll want to get a chair that suits the person who will be sitting in it. Some chairs are only offered in one size but some brands have a range of sizes that include extra large camping chair models.

If you need to store the chair in a small space, then you’ll most likely want to find the best small camping chair. The very smallest folding camping chair is usually a stool — these can fit in your hiking rucksack. Be sure to consider your usual mode of transport and activities when choosing a chair so you know it won’t take up too much space on the journey to your next camping spot.

Weight And Capacity

If you’ve got a large vehicle that you’ll be driving right up to your campsite then weight is not too much of a concern. If you’re going to be carrying your chair on a long walk to the beach, or perhaps taking it along on a hiking trip, then you’ll want to find the best lightweight camping chairs.

The best camping chair for large people will be one that is sturdy and most models have a weight guideline — be sure to check the maximum weight allowance before you buy.

Material, Comfort And Quality

Material, comfort, and quality are usually related to one another — good materials typically give you a comfortable chair and are also long lasting.

Good camping chair frames are commonly made from aluminium since this metal is incredibly strong but also lightweight. Good chair seats typically use ripstop nylon or polyester to make sure they are extra durable and able to withstand more weight.

The best zero gravity camping chair or best reclining camping chair Australia has for sale might use a steel frame, due to their larger size that requires a very strong metal.

Accessories And Other Great Features

There are a few additional qualities and features you may want to consider.

  • Side Table – The best camping chair with side tables allow you to rest your drink, book, or sunnies within arm’s reach and mean you don’t need to pack an extra table for your trip.
  • Cup Holder – A cup holder ensures your beer/lemonade/coffee doesn’t end up on the ground (where it can easily be knocked over) or all over the inside of your tent.
  • Built-in Coolers – There’s nothing better than a cold drink on a hot day, especially when the cooler is built into your chair and you can grab one whenever you want without getting up.
  • Storage Pockets – So handy for putting away your book, blanket or other items without anything getting lost.
  • Head and Foot Rest – The best camping chairs with footrests and headrests can make your trip feel that much more luxurious.
  • Carry Bag – A bag is super convenient for carrying and storing your new chair in to protect it from bumping around in the back of your vehicle.

Best Camping Chair Reviews Australia 2021

Oztrail Sun Lounge Deluxe Camping Chair Review

Oztrail Sun Lounge Deluxe Camping Chair.jpg

This could be the best reclining camp chair for those who still like to have a bit of luxury on their outdoor adventure. Firstly, it looks great — it’s a dark blue colour with grey detailing. It has wooden armrests and the side table is the perfect size and includes a handy drink holder.

It’s also comfortable and is jumbo sized so you don’t feel cramped at all. The material is a durable 600 denier polyester that is filled with padding. It also has a built in headrest that can be adjusted making this one of the best folding camp chair products we’ve reviewed in terms of comfort.

The chair can handle a weight of up to 150kg and the frame is made with very durable steel tubing. The chair itself weighs 10.3kg, so be aware that this is not a lightweight chair but if you’re looking to buy camping chair models that are extra comfy and of premium build quality, Oztrail’s are worth considering.

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Dune 4WD Deluxe Nomad XL Camping Chair Review

Dune 4WD Deluxe Nomad XL Camping Chair

This flat folding chair has a smart black and grey design. It has a handy metal side table as well as a cooler on the other side that can be detached from the chair making it a great option if you’re looking for the best campfire chairs and love having a cold drink on hand.

Recline comfortably in this chair with a choice of eight positions and a padded seat that includes a headrest so it could be one of the best camping chairs for bad backs. The material is a tough polyester that is easy to wipe clean.

This chair has a weight rating of 120 kg supported by its powder coated steel frame. Dune’s product weighs in at 8.5 kg. If you’re after the best camping recliner chair that can keep your beers cold and within arm’s reach, this could be the one.

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Oztrail Sovereign Cooler Arm Camping Chair Review

Oztrail Sovereign Cooler Arm Camping Chair

This is one of Oztrail’s best rated camping chairs for budget savvy shoppers. This quad folding chair comes in a blue and grey design. It’s got a cup holder on one side and a super handy mini cooler on the other side.

The seat is a single layer, 600 denier polyester material and the frame is made from lightweight but strong steel. This chair weighs just 3kg but can support up to 130kg.

We love this chair for its combination of quality and value. Along with your purchase, you’ll get a one year manufacturer’s warranty, so you know it’s a product you can trust. If you’re looking for the best outdoor camping chairs, be sure to give this one a look.

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Oztent King Goanna Camping Chair Review

Oztent King Goanna Camping Chair

This Oztent King Goanna chair sets an example for how top camping chairs should be. It’s an extra large size for those who like a little more room in their chair. It’s got a muddy grey and black colour scheme with bright orange seams that make for an eye catching design. It has two cup holders (one on either side) that are insulated to keep drinks hot or cold. These are below the arm rests so that you can still properly use the rests even when you’ve got open drinks.

The seat material on this chair is 600 denier polyester, doubled layered with thick padding – sit in this chair for hours without any discomfort. The backrest on this chair is extra high and includes a headrest. If you suffer from back pain, this chair could be a good match for you.

This chair’s weight rating is 200kg thanks to its heavy duty steel frame, but the actual chair only weighs 6kg. It comes with a durable carry bag to store and transport. You’ll also get an astounding five year warranty when you buy this chair so you can rest easy knowing you’re sitting in a chair that will last.

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Coleman Directors Plus Camping Chair Review

Coleman Directors Plus Camping Chair

This directors style camping chair comes in a lovely royal navy colour and has a quality, durable build. It has a handy fold out table at the side that has a built in drink holder.

The seat is made from a tough polyester and is padded for extra comfort. Coleman’s chair has got a weight rating of 135kg and the chair itself weighs a modest 3.6kg which is down to its super lightweight aluminium frame.

I love how easy to transport and store this chair is (especially if you have multiple) since it folds down flat – it could be a great option as the best compact folding camping chair.

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Oztrail Classic Directors Camping Chair Review

Oztrail Classic Directors Camping Chair

Another fantastic Oztrail product. This time it’s a director’s chair in a dark green colour with a black frame.

This chair comes with a handy side table that has an integrated cup holder that can fit extra large drinks. The best thing about this chair? Definitely the price! Much cheaper than many competitors with similar models, it’s right up there as one of the best value camping chairs. The seat on this chair uses a very hard wearing 600 denier polyester in a single layer design. The armrests are covered too for extra comfort.

This chair can support a maximum of 140kg but the chair itself weighs just 5.1kg making it an uber portable chair. Since it folds flat, it’s incredibly easy to store and transport too. The steel frame is very sturdy and feels durable. Along with your purchase, you’ll get a one year manufacturers warranty for peace of mind. Cheap camping folding chairs don’t come much better than this, especially if you want the best packable camp chair.

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Coleman Cooler Arm Camping Chair Review

Coleman Cooler Arm Camping Chair

I love this chair’s unique purple colour — you’re guaranteed not to get it mixed up at the campsite and it pairs well with the black frame. This quad folding chair boasts an extra wide seat and armrests for those who want a bit more space or are looking for the best camping chairs for big guys. It’s got a cooler built into one arm and a cup holder in the other.

The 600 denier, hard wearing polyester seat gives you good support despite the seat being wider than average. It’s also double layered with padding — this seat is still comfortable even after hours of use.

The frame is made of steel and feels plenty sturdy enough, with the maximum weight allowance being 130kg. The chair itself weighs in at just 4kg, making it super easy to carry and transport. If you’re looking for the best oversized camping chair, give this one a try.

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Wanderer Touring Extreme Directors Camp Chair Review

Wanderer Touring Extreme Directors Camp Chair

This Wanderer camping chair has a premium look to it. It’s a director’s chair design that uses army green and black with a black frame. It has a side table with an integrated cup holder.

The seat uses a rugged polyester exterior with interior padding. It’s really comfy. The armrests even have a cover for extra comfort. The seatback is high on this chair and gives great support (could be a good option for bad back sufferers).

This chair weighs just under 6kg but can support up to 200kg thanks to its reinforced steel frame. Since it folds flat, it’s simple to store. This chair comes from a trusted brand, is of great quality and is sold at a reasonable price. It’s well worth a look if you want the best high back camping chair.

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Helinox Chair Zero Ultralight Compact Camping Chair Review

Helinox Chair Zero Ultralight Compact Camping Chair

This chair by Helinox has a cool and certainly unique appearance and is perfect for anyone looking for the best portable camping chair. It’s a wrap around chair that gives you amazing support, in a compact package. Choose between black, grey, or sand — each colour is appealing and is matched by a similar coloured frame.

The seat material is a high tech interlocking ripstop polyester that doesn’t stretch. It’s UV resistant and can even be put in the washing machine. The frame is made from an aluminium alloy. Both materials make for a crazy lightweight chair. The chair then folds up so small it stands at only 34 cm — put it in your hiking bag without it taking up all the room.

The suggested maximum weight for this chair is 120kg, but the chair itself only weighs half a kilo! That’s less than a bottle of water! This makes the chair super portable which is made even easier with the supplied carry bag. One of the coolest things about this chair is that it comes with a whopping five year warranty! It’s the best ultralight camping chair I’ve reviewed in this article.

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Oztrail Galaxy Double Moon Camping Chair Review

Oztrail Galaxy Double Moon Camping Chair

Yet another fine product by Oztrail — this time a double moon chair. The chair can comfortably seat two people — perfect for romantic moments next to the campfire. The armrests even include a large cup holder and wine glass holder on each side.

The seat on this chair is made from a durable, 600 denier polyester with a PVC coating. The chair is thickly padded to make it super comfy.  Despite this chair’s large size, it folds up relatively small and into a supplied carry bag, meaning it’s not tricky to transport and store.

The frame is made with powder coated steel and can support a maximum of 240kg altogether, although there should be a maximum of 120kg on each side. The chair itself weighs only 6.5kg. With your purchase, you’ll get a one year warranty so you can put your mind to ease and start enjoying this romantic chair for two.

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I hope you find this guide to the best camping chair helpful. Looking for other products to take on your next camping adventure? Read our full guides to the best tent, best family tent, best camping fridge and best self inflating mattress. Find more of our camping guides here.

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