Top 10 Best Beaches In Tasmania

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If there is one thing you won’t struggle to find on your Tasmanian adventure, it’s plenty of top Tasmania beaches! Being an island, Tasmania is not lacking coastline and, lucky for us all, plenty of the coastline is made up of absolutely top rate beaches.

From the powder-white sand to the aqua water, the best beaches in Tasmania, Australia definitely do not disappoint. There’s a reason why the Tasmania beach, Wineglass Bay, is often found in the top 10 lists of the best beaches in the world.

However, that’s not the only beach deserving of the title of the best beach in Tasmania. There are so many great options that it has stiff competition!

Best Beaches In Tasmania
Best Beaches In Tasmania

To help ensure you visit at least one or two of the best beaches Tasmania offers, below you will find our list of the top 10 beaches in Tasmania so you can decide which one of the beautiful beaches in Tasmania you can add to your itinerary! There’s also a handy map of all our top beaches of Tasmania to help you plot your path.

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Best Beaches In Tasmania

Note that we didn’t come up with this list all by ourselves. We asked some of our well travelled blogging friends for their best picks of the Tasmania Australia beaches too!

Also make sure you pay attention to any warning signs at beaches and research the safety of any of the options for yourself.

Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires

One of the top beaches in the world, let alone Tasmania, is the beautiful Bay of Fires on Tasmania’s north east coast. This isolated conservation area is located about two and a half hours drive from the closest airport in Launceston and you are going to feel like you have left everything behind!

This coastal area consists of many rock gullies which create little and big beaches and inlets to explore. Despite the fact that it has become increasingly popular in recent years, even at peak times it does not feel busy and it’s easy to have a beach to yourself.

The beaches are just stunning with white, powdery sand, crystal clear, aqua water and the startling contrast of the bright orange, lichen covered boulders. They are also in pristine condition with no trash or signs of people in sight.

You can drive to some of this area while some is only accessible via hiking. Either way, it’s not a difficult beach to explore and is best suited to beach lovers who don’t mind not having the beach directly outside their front door.

It’s possible to camp at certain areas along the beach so you can wake up to the best views in the world. This may be the best free accommodation in the world! If you prefer something more comfortable, the NRMA St Helens Waterfront Holiday Park is a great pick.

If you love getting away from it all in a stunning location and are looking for east coast beaches Tasmania, don’t miss Bay of Fires.

Contributed by Sharon from Simply Soraya

You can read more about visiting nearby St Helens here.

Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay best beaches east coast Tasmania

When it comes to the best beach in Tasmania, the answer is clear. Wineglass Bay.

Often listed in top 10 lists of the best beaches in the world, Wineglass Bay located within Freycinet National Park on the east coast of Tasmania deserves this title.

Its stunningly pretty thanks to the white sand, aqua blue water and the contrasting orangey rocks that line its bay. Add in the complete lack of development around and all the bush and it’s a total winner.

This is not the easiest beach to access which is part of its appeal. You can only get here by foot or boat. It’s about a one hour hike here from the car park in Freycinet. While it isn’t long, the path is steep with many stairs going up and down a mountain pass. This is a win since it helps keeps the masses away.

This beach is best for campers and hikers. You can camp for free at the end of the beach. If you’re not a camper, you can also stay at the nearby Big 4 Iluka on Freycinet.

Wineglass Bay is most popular in summer up until Easter and is best visited either side of this so you can still have great weather and less people.

Contributed by Sharon from Germany Footsteps

Denison Beach

Denison Beach Tasmania collab pic from LesterLost

Australia is well-known for its beautiful beaches and Tasmania is no exception. In an island famous for its forests and wilderness, you can also find some stunning beaches. On the East Coast of Tasmania, Denison Beach is an infinite stretch of white sand that you could easily miss.

This is possibly the longest secret beach in Tasmania. Hidden behind sand dunes, the beach can be accessed through a number of paths and there are a few places to stop along Tasman Highway.

The beach is pristine, with seemingly untouched white sand and rolling surf. It’s a pretty wild place with little or no shelter. Denison Beach is ideal if you are driving along the coast and want to stop for an undisturbed swim.

Be mindful that the beach is mostly unpatrolled and the surf can be dangerous. If you are intending to spend some time on the beach, you should bring a sun shelter and have plenty of water, as the wind and sun will dry you out.

Denison Beach is only 5 minutes drive from Bicheno, a quaint coastal town somewhat forgotten in time. There are plenty of options for accommodation there, including caravan parks. In order to find this beach, look for a gap in the sand dunes and go explore.

Contributed by Delphine from LesterLost

Hopground Beach

Hopground Beach Tasmania collab pic

A 700 metre curve of beach on Maria Island between the intriguingly-named Painted Cliffs and Magistrates Point, Hopground Beach is the best beach in Tasmania because it is so different from any other Tasmanian beach.

The beach’s main attraction is the Painted Cliffs which have eye-catching honeycomb patterns in the sandstone that have been shaped by forces of nature of thousands of years. These potholes and notches were caused by groundwater percolating through the sandstone and staining the rock and erosion from the waves that have created a unique work of art that cannot be found at any other beach in Tasmania.

Hopground Beach is one of the natural attractions on Maria Island, which is a small island off Tasmania’s east coast, that attracts adventurous travellers keen on nature and hiking.

Maria Island is a Tasman Sea island that is accessed from Tasmania’s mainland by ferry from Triabunna to the north of Orford (more information here). It takes a over an hour to drive to the Triabunna jetty from Hobart and the Painted Cliffs end of Hopground Beach is 2 kilometres from Darlington along a well-signposted track from the dock.

As Maria Island is a destination for those who love hiking and camping, there are few amenities, so pack food and plenty of water. The closest campground is at Darlington, which has a camping area, and there’s bunkhouse accommodation in the Penitentiary where convicts originally stayed. Bernacchi House which is heritage listed and dates back to 1880, is a more luxurious option.

Contributed by Christina from Travel2Next

Find more information about Maria Island accommodation here.

Freer’s Beach, Shearwater

Freer’s Beach, Shearwater collab pic

The beach here is very flat and when the tides go out, you have lots of sand with some large puddle areas left behind by the retreating water. This makes it a great place for families with young kids, and fishermen.

Families can enjoy the vast flat areas of sand for kids to play around in, while also having water with predictable depth and relatively calm currents.

Fishermen can comfortably stand in waist deep water without the ever present threat of being taken out by a wave. You can cast out into the depths where salmon, mullet, sand flathead, whiting, pike and cod are abundant in the area.

The view from the beach is spectacular at every turn with the water glistening under the sun.

The town of Shearwater is small, but has an unusually modern feel for such a regional area. You rarely find houses more than ten years old once you get more than a block away from the main street of town or the beach. The main cause being the influx of retirees into the area once a golf course was built.

Some of the local Bed & Breakfasts offer a nicer option than the hotels. The Castagni Bed and Breakfast is highly recommended with the owner feeding the local kangaroos each night just outside the dining area. It is quite a spectacle with 20-30 kangaroos slowly emerging from the surrounding bushland.

The larger city of Devonport is also just a 10 minute drive away with plenty of options for accommodation there. This is also a good choice if looking for beaches near Launceston, Tasmania.

Contributed by James from Team AJ Travels

Boat Harbour

Boat Harbour beach
Boat Harbour beach

My personal pick for the most attractive beach in Tasmania is Boat Harbour. This small beach has some of the whitest sand I have seen at a beach ever along with beautiful, clear, aqua water.

Located about 30 minutes drive from Burnie, this one of the best swimming beaches in Tasmania is generally nice and calm with smaller, family friendly waves. There are rock pools to explore and views all around. If you are extra lucky, you may catch sight of a dolphin, seal or whale.

By the beach is a take away kiosk, surf club house and playground. There are no big hotels here with a nice splattering of beach houses instead.

We have had an excellent experience staying at the Seascape Beach House.

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Ocean Beach, Strahan

Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach

Taking out the prize for the longest beach in the state, Ocean Beach Tasmania definitely also has one of the more remote and rugged feels of the hidden beaches Tasmania.

Located along the west coast about six kilometres west of Strahan, this is not a beach recommended for swimmers. Instead it’s for people who love long beach walks and solitude as it’s easy to get that here!

It’s also perfect for gorgeous photos and four wheel driving.

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Best Beaches In Hobart

If you are looking for the best beaches near Hobart, this is the part of this list of nice beaches in Tasmania you’ll want to pay attention to!

Hobart is located around the River Derwent and there are both river beaches and ones pointing out to sea around Hobart so you can take your pick!

Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach
Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach is the perfect place to head if you are looking for best surf beaches in Tasmania that work great for beginners.

This one of Hobart beaches is only about 30 minutes from the centre but feels a world away. Surrounded by a coastal reserve and bordered by capes and cliffs, this is a pretty spot for a swim, surf, walk or play. It can be hazardous for swimmers though so be careful.

Contributed by Sharon from Dive Into Malaysia

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach
Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is my personal favourite of the best beaches Hobart and is located near the airport. In fact, if you flew into Hobart, you probably saw it from the air!

A surprising seven miles long, this beach is another of the surf beaches Tasmania that are easily accessible. There are several access points within the suburb of Seven Mile Beach with Lewis Park being a popular one. There is some parking here as well as BBQ, picnic facilities, playground and toilet block.

The beach itself is pretty and a popular place for a dip on a hot day.

Long Beach

Long Beach Sandy Bay beaches in Hobart Tasmania
Long Beach, Sandy Bay

For an ultra easy choice of beach Hobart, head to Long Beach Tasmania. Located in the suburb of Sandy Bay, this is just an easy ten minute drive from the city and plenty of buses operate here as well.

While it’s not the best looking or most exciting of the beaches in southern Tasmania, it is surrounded by facilities. The beach itself is narrow but there is a big playground and reserve area, toilet and change blocks and nearby shops and cafes. It makes for a super easy day trip of the Hobart best beaches.

If it’s feeling crowded, you can also walk around the corner and go to Nutgrove Beach which is a little more seaweed-y but has a platform to swim to and plenty of space.

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Map Of Best Beach In Tasmania Options

Best Beaches In Tasmania map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

Final Words About Tasmanian Beaches

I hope you have found this guide to the best beaches in Tasmania useful. There truly are many fantastic beaches in Tasmania so keep a look out whenever you are near the coast as you are sure to see one.

As a general rule, the prettiest beaches are on the east coast, but, as you can see from above, there are plenty of exceptions to this rule. I hope you have a great time working out your own pick for the best beach in Tasmania!

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By Shan Hutchinson

Shan grew up in Tasmania, moved away and then came back with her family twenty years later. She loves re-discovering her home state and sharing it with you here.