Choosing The Best 4WD Awning Australia [2022]

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One of the easiest ways to add comfort and convenience to your next adventure is with a 4WD roof top awning. A relatively inexpensive purchase, a 4WD awning sits on the roof of your car – out of sight and there when you need it to provide excellent protection from the elements, whether that be rain or sunshine. 

There’s an exciting world of 4WD awnings out there, but before rushing to read a 4WD awning tent review, there’s a number of factors we recommend you consider. This guide is written to help find the most suitable option for you.

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Keep reading because you will find everything you need to know to pick the best 4WD awning Australia has for you below including a comparison chart of the best 270 degree awning, a full guide to the main features to consider when looking for the best 4WD side awning and, finally, individual reviews of each of the best as well as cheap 4WD awning options.

best 4wd awning

Our Pick For The Best 4WD Awning Australia 2022

Darche Eclipse 270 Awning LHS Generation II

Darche Eclipse 270 Awning LHS Generation II

Just want the best buy retractable awning right now? Great! This is our top pick.

The ultimate 4WD awning when it comes to overall protection. This hard wearing awning provides 270 degrees of coverage with the option to increase it even more. Easy to set up by one person, this model can be used freestanding or fixed with ropes for additional strength. A top quality product and one of the most durable options on our list.

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Compare The Top 10 Best 4wd Awnings Australia 2022

Here is a 4WD awning comparison chart so you can select the best 4WD awning for your situation. Use this table to compare the features of the top rated 4WD awnings in Australia. 

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NameImageSizeWeightMount TypeMaterialWater RatingPriceFeaturesRating
Darche Eclipse 270 Awning LHS Generation IIEclipse 270 Awning Gen 2 - Passenger Side11.5m²27.9kgBatwing / 270 degree320gsm Polycotton Ripstop Canvas1500mmClickOne person set up, freestanding4.5
Rhino-Rack Batwing AwningRhino Rack Batwing Awning11m²21.3kgBatwing / 270 degree210D Polycotton Ripstop Canvas2000mmClickEasy set up, replaceable hinges4.0
Supa Peg Stand Easy AwningSupa Peg Stand Easy Awning 12.5 x 2.5m15kgSide275 GSM Dynaproof CanvasClickTough wearing, breathable fabric4.5
Oztent Foxwing 270 Awning Series IIFoxwing 270° Awning (LHS) Series II11m²19kgBatwing / 270 degreeRipstop PolyesterClickMould, rust, water resistant4.5
Adventure Kings Side Awning2 x 2.5m9.2kgSide170gsm Ripstop PolyesterClickAffordable, fairly lightweight4.0
XTM 4WD 270 AwningBatwing / 270 degree280gsm Polycotton Canvas1500mmClickQuick set up, heavy duty bag4.0
Dune Quickstop II Awning1.85 x 2.1m1.6kgSide150D PolyesterClickCompact, lightweight, affordable3.5
Supapeg Outbound Shield AwningSupapeg Outbound Shield Awning17m²38kgBatwing / 270 degree275gam Dynaproof CanvasClickEasy bracket, heavy duty protection4.0
Rhino Rack Sunseeker 4WD Awning2.5 x 2.5m10kgSide210D Ripstop Polycotton Canvas2000mmClickTop brand, protected corners5.0
Darche Kozi AwningDarche Kozi 2x2.5m Awning KSA10002 x 2.5m8.6kgSide200gsm Ripstop Polycotton Canvas PU Coated2000mmClickExcellent protection, quick set up4.0

Top 10 Best 4×4 Awning Australia 2022

Find our handy list of best 4WD awning Australia options – see our full 4WD shade awning review further below.

  • Darche Eclipse 270 Awning LHS Generation II, Batwing / 270 degree
  • Rhino-Rack Batwing Awning, Batwing / 270 degree
  • Supa Peg Stand Easy Awning, Side
  • Oztent Foxwing 270 Awning Series II, Batwing / 270 degree
  • Adventure Kings Side Awning, Side
  • XTM 4WD 270 Awning, Batwing / 270 degree
  • Dune Quickstop II Awning, Side
  • Supapeg Outbound Shield 6 Freestanding Awning, Batwing / 270 degree
  • Rhino Rack Sunseeker 4WD Awning, Side
  • Darche Kozi Awning, Side

How To Choose The Best Awning 4WD 2022

best 4wd awning

These days there are many 4WD awnings to choose from, and they’re available in a range of sizes, styles and fabrics. Some also have additional features. We think there are just a few important factors to consider even among the best retractable awning brands, and these are listed below.


One of your first considerations when looking at 4×4 roof top awnings should be size. 

This essentially comes down to two factors – what do you plan to put under the awning, and what do the dimensions of your vehicle allow? Needing space for a few camp chairs is different than needing space for a BBQ and dining table. 

Most 4WD awnings are around the 2.5 x 2.5 metre range, but you can find ones much larger. Of course, at the larger end, it’s important to look at vehicle requirements and price.

Mount Type

The next consideration is how you plan to mount the awning to your vehicle. There are essentially three types of 4WD awnings – side, rear and batwing/270 degree awnings.


A side awning is the most common type of 4WD awning and is attached to the side of the vehicle. 

As these awnings sit on the longest side of the vehicle they offer good strength, size and protection. They also mean that the vehicle can be parked in such a way as to break the wind on windy days.


Rear awnings open up from the rear of the vehicle, and as such they are usually more limited in space and may be unstable over 2 metres long. 

However, they can be good if you have a kitchen or portable BBQ in the rear of the vehicle, and they can also be used in addition to side awnings.


The largest 4WD awnings you’ll find are 270 and batwing awnings, sweeping the side and rear of the vehicle and thus offering the most protection. 

They are generally the most expensive option and far more so than the other two options.

Weight And Portability

best 4wd awning

4WD awnings are mounted to the roof of the vehicle and as such portability is not such a concern unless you’re wanting to transfer awnings between vehicles. What is a concern, however, is their weight. 

Every vehicle has a weight limit regarding how much can be loaded onto the roof. 

4WD awnings are fairly lightweight in the scheme of things, but weight is an important factor to consider if you’re attaching other gear/equipment to the roof. Keep in mind that most 4WD awnings weigh between 10kg to 30kg, and you’ll want to look at the awnings weight before purchasing one.

Material And Durability

The main point of a 4WD awning is to protect you from the elements, and an essential requirement for this is the right material. The downside is that often the better durability, the higher the weight.

Most awnings use either ripstop polyester or polycotton canvas roofs that are combined with some type of treatment to provide longevity and further protection. Ample UV protection is another consideration – not just for your protection, but for the longevity of the awning. 

Strength is determined by the thickness of the material, rated in both GSM (grams per square metre) and D (denier), with higher amounts offering better durability.

Another consideration for durability is the poles. Most poles are constructed with aluminium (fairly strong yet lightweight) but you can also find plastic poles (very lightweight yet lacking strength and durability) and stronger steel poles (durable but at a higher weight).

Water Rating

When it comes to water and rain protection, most 4WD awnings offer some level of protection and many have been treated to prevent mould and mildew from forming.

The main measurement to reflect the awnings waterproof rating is hydrostatic head rating. For an awning to be considered waterproof it must have a hydrostatic head rating of over 1500mm, but if you want something showerproof, you’ll want to go even higher than this. Therefore it’s worth considering the conditions you plan to use your awning in.

Other Features

Whilst we’ve covered the essential things we recommend you consider, there are other features that can improve how you use your 4WD awning. Consider whether some of the following features would interest you…

Walls – The option to attach walls and mesh screens can allow for more protection from the elements, as well as bugs and insects. These are usually sold as add-on accessories.

LightingFor nights spent outdoors it can be great to have extra lighting. You can find 4WD awnings that include LED strip lighting or accessories for attaching to the awning.

Easy set up – If you’re more inclined to use a 4WD awning that’s easy to set up, look for freestanding models without the need to attach guy ropes and pegs.

Best 4WD Awning Review Australia 2022

Darche Eclipse 270 Awning LHS Generation II Review

Eclipse 270 Awning Gen 2 - Passenger Side

Rating: 4.5


  • Size: 11.5m²
  • Weight: 27.9kg
  • Mount Type: Batwing / 270 degree
  • Material: 320gsm Polycotton Ripstop Canvas
  • Water Rating: 1500mm

When it comes to the ultimate protection a 4WD awning can offer, it doesn’t get much better than the Darche Eclipse 270 Awning. This is one of the largest you’ll find at 11.5m², with the option to add additional walls to double this space.

This 4WD awning is easy to set up with one person and provides about 2 metre coverage on the side and rear of your vehicle. It features alloy poles and steel hinges for strength and is also the best freestanding 270 awning – but guy ropes are also included for additional stability.

Most poles fold back into the awning and others are attached and packed separately. The awning includes brackets to suit most roof racks but, unfortunately, it doesn’t include mounting bolts which is disappointing at this price range. 

Still, if you want ultimate protection and quality that will last, this is a great awning to check out.


  • The best 270 awning on our list
  • Easy one person set up
  • Freestanding but can also be fixed


  • Doesn’t include mounting bolts

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Rhino-Rack Batwing Awning Review

Rhino Rack Batwing Awning

Rating: 4.0


  • Size: 11m²
  • Weight: 21.3kg
  • Mount Type: Batwing / 270 degree
  • Material: 210D Polycotton Ripstop Canvas
  • Water Rating: 2000mm

The next best batwing awning is the Rhino-Back Batwing Awning. These 270 degree awnings provide great water and UV protection and are made for a range of different vehicles.

One of the easiest awnings to set up, everything folds out of the awning with no need to dismantle/attach anything (unless you attach additional accessories), and it folds into a tough wearing 580 gsm PVC bag. 

A mounting kit is also included with everything you need to mount it to your vehicle. With adjustable legs to suit the conditions, It’s available in both left and right hand versions.

If there is a downside, it’s that the awning uses plastic hinges which aren’t great when it comes to durability (although they’re easy to replace). It’s also difficult to set up in windy conditions.


  • Batwing awning prices can be more affordable
  • One of the easiest awnings to set up
  • Replaceable bag and hinges


  • The awning uses plastic hinges

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Supa Peg Stand Easy Awning Review

Supa Peg Stand Easy Awning 1

Rating: 4.5


  • Size: 2.5 x 2.5m
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Mount Type: Side
  • Material: 275 GSM Dynaproof Canvas

The Supa Peg Stand Easy Awning is an Australian made 4WD awning and built tough for Australian conditions. This awning offers a total of 6.25m² coverage, includes a mounting kit and folds into the awning bag for easy set up and storage.

This is a freestanding 4WD awning with no need to attach ropes (but you can do so in windy conditions), and it features a breathable fabric that also provides excellent UV and water protection which makes it comfortable for sitting under for long periods on hot days. 

While it’s pricey for a side awning, there’s no denying you’re paying for a quality product, as well as the convenience of buying from a local manufacturer.


  • Strong Australia made awning
  • Includes a 24 month warranty
  • Breathable yet water/UV resistant fabric


  • Pricey for a side awning

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Oztent Foxwing 270 Awning Series II Review

Foxwing 270° Awning (LHS) Series II

Rating: 4.5


  • Size: 11m²
  • Weight: 19kg
  • Mount Type: Batwing / 270 degree
  • Material: Ripstop Polyester

Another quality 270 degree awning is the Oztent Foxwing Awning – a second generation upgrade from the previous model. 

Super simple to set up, this awning swings out from the included bag in one piece, and it can be set up by one person with ease. The ripstop polyester is mould and water resistant with rust resistant poles for durability, and it’s also got a good fire resistance rating.

This awning also features zips for adding additional parts like walls and their custom tent, as well as toggles for attaching LED lights and reflective guy ropes for safety. 

We did, however, find mounting the awning to be confusing and the bolts could also afford to be stronger. 


  • UPF 50+ protection
  • Mould, rust and fire resistant 
  • Includes reflective guy ropes


  • Mounting bolts could afford to be stronger

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Adventure Kings Side Awning Review

Rating: 4.0


  • Size: 2 x 2.5m
  • Weight: 9.2kg
  • Mount Type: Side
  • Material: 170gsm Ripstop Polyester

If you’re looking for good value, this side awning from Adventure Kings is one of the most affordable options on our list. Adventure Kings offers several different sized side awnings, and we looked at the 2 x 2.5 metre version. 

These side awnings use a lighter ripstop polyester at 170 gsm which results in a fairly lightweight awning at just 9.2kg. Conveniently, this awning features a dual channel design which makes it easy to fold and unfold, is UPF 50+ and waterproof.

It’s not all great however. Our Kings 4WD awning review found that water tends to pool in the centre of this awning. We also found that some models for sale don’t include mounting brackets. However, there are sellers that do include them. 

While this model can be attached to most roof racks, it’s worth checking what’s included before purchasing.


  • One of the more affordable options
  • UPF 50+ and waterproof


  • Water can pool in the centre
  • May not include mounting brackets

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XTM 4WD 270 Awning Review

Rating: 4.0


  • Size: 270 degrees
  • Weight: –
  • Mount Type: Batwing / 270 degree
  • Material: 280gsm Polycotton Canvas
  • Water Rating: 1500mm

Another option to look at is the XTM 4WD 270 Awning. Our XTM awning review found this awning quick to set up and pack away into its heavy duty PVC bag. However, it is advertised as a one person set up – we’d recommend an additional person offer some assistance.

This awning has a good waterproof rating and features a super tough 280gsm polycotton canvas for great protection and durability. The aluminium poles, however, are not the most durable and attaching ropes in windy conditions is definitely advised.

Otherwise, this is a simple set up awning – attach some walls (which are sold separately) and you’ve got some excellent protection.


  • Quick to set up and pack down
  • Heavy duty bag included
  • Great waterproofing


  • Best set up by two people
  • Poles aren’t the most durable

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Dune Quickstop II Awning Review

Rating: 3.5


  • Size: 1.85 x 2.1m
  • Weight: 1.6kg
  • Mount Type: Side
  • Material: 150D Polyester

The Dune Quickstop II Awning is a more unique style of awning in that there’s no need to attach it to your roof racks – the awning conveniently attaches to your car using suction cups. This makes for a very compact and lightweight awning which folds down into a bag small enough to fit into most car boots.

You can find a Dune 4WD quickstop awning in brown and khaki, and either will provide 50+ UV protection. Whilst it’s versatile enough to attach to a range of vehicles and includes attached guy ropes and pegs, it can be difficult to attach the suction cups to the car roof. 

Still, it’s a very compact and affordable option which may be suitable for infrequent use.


  • Very compact and lightweight
  • No mounting kit necessary
  • Very affordable


  • Can be difficult to attach suction cups to car

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Supapeg Outbound Shield 6 Freestanding Awning Review

Supapeg Outbound Shield Awning

Rating: 4.0


  • Size: 17m²
  • Weight: 38kg
  • Mount Type: Batwing / 270 degree
  • Material: 275gam Dynaproof Canvas

The Supapeg Outbound freestanding awning is a great option if you’re after a hard wearing 270 degree awning with plenty of coverage.

This quality side awning offers stainless steel hinges for reinforced strength, with a redesigned bracket system which makes this awning really easy to use. It’s also Australian made with local support offered.

The included UV treated heavy duty bag also protects it when not in use and additional accessories can be attached to provide even more protection, such as an extreme weather protection kit.


  • Heavy duty bag
  • Easy bracket system
  • UV, mould and mildew protection


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

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Rhino Rack Sunseeker 4WD Awning Review

Rating: 5.0


  • Size: 2.5 x 2.5m
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Mount Type: Side
  • Material: 210D Ripstop Polycotton Canvas
  • Water Rating: 2000mm

A top option from another respected brand, the Rhino Rack Sunseeker 4WD awning offers quality shade from sunshine and rain, featuring both a UV 50+ rating and excellent waterproof rating of 2000mm.

Mould proof and rust resistant, the awning’s corners have protective patches to increase strength and durability. With guy ropes and a mounting kit included, this awning is easy to set up anywhere offering instant shade and protection. Pricey – but worth it!


  • Top brand
  • One of the best waterproof ratings
  • Features reinforced corners


  • Pricer option for a side awning

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Darche Kozi Awning Review

Darche Kozi 2x2.5m Awning KSA1000

Rating: 4.0


  • Size: 2 x 2.5m
  • Weight: 8.6kg
  • Mount Type: Side
  • Material: 200gsm Ripstop Polycotton Canvas PU Coated
  • Water Rating: 2000mm

The final option in our list, and another awning from the top brand Darche, is the Kozi side awning.

Slim line when packed, this side awning takes up little space and weight on your roof rack and features one of the best water ratings we’ve seen at 2000mm. 

Super easy to set up, the Darche Kozi folds out from a heavy duty bag with telescopic aluminium legs for positioning the height and guy ropes for fixing it in place, with everything you need to mount it to your vehicle.


  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Quick to set up and fold away
  • Mounting kit included


  • None found!

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