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This website exists to bring you the best information about travelling to and in Tasmania.

We feature articles about Tasmania so you can plan your own trip including inspirational articles as well as information on accommodation, transport and more.

We also write extensively about great places for people to visit for both Tasmanians and interstate and international travellers.

Our aim is to provide you with a complete resource for your visit to Tasmania, as well as the encouragement to go!

We hope this information will be useful whether you are a Tasmanian planning to visit another part of our great state or someone visiting Tasmania for the first time.

Who are we?

Our names are Sharon and Joshua and we love Tasmania!

Us cradle Mountain
Checking our Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake

Sharon grew up in Hobart before moving to Melbourne where she met Joshua. After 20 years in Melbourne (visiting Tasmania regularly), Sharon moved back bringing Joshua and our three kids aged 4, 8 and 10 with us. We have the unique experience of having explored Tasmania as both tourists and locals.

We can’t recommend this state enough as both an awesome tourist and family destination as well as a great place to live. We love the stunning scenery, great food, interesting places and history and just how friendly everyone is.

We previously worked as full time family travel bloggers but are happier now just focusing on our love of Tasmania, Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Germany. We work full-time on our sites and always aim to share the most useful information possible.

When we aren’t working on this site or travelling Tasmania, we concentrate on teaching other bloggers to have success, making our own natural skincare or hang out with our kids at home in Hobart.

We know how difficult planning travel can be, particularly with a family, so we’re here to help lessen the burden and ensure you have an awesome time in Tasmania.

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